Rose O’Donnell: File “Articles Of Impeachment” Against Trump — Made To Regret It

Rosie O’Donnell believes it’s time to file “articles of impeachment” against President Donald Trump in order to get him out of office, never mind the fact that he hasn’t committed any impeachable offenses. No sooner had O’Donnell embarked on this absurd tangent, however, then she was made to regret it by those with much more common sense. […]

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Fed-Up Democrats Cave On Border Wall, Demand Pelosi Make A Deal With Trump

With the partial government shutdown now in its fifth week, some members of the Democratic Party are starting to see the light. They’re now demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) cut a deal with President Donald Trump that will provide enough funding for an impenetrable wall along the porous U.S.-Mexico border and reopen the government. […]