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ISIS Releases Horrifying New Video With Graphic Christmastime Warning To US

After 8 years of Barack Obama appeasing radical Islam and making excuses for Muslim terrorists, this is where we are. The Islamic State roams rampant, destroying lives with unspeakable acts of terror while feeling emboldened by our pathetic president’s notorious weakness. Now, ISIS has released a terrifying Christmastime warning to the United States just days ahead of one of our most important Christian holidays. […]

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Mom Leaves 3-Month-Old Home Alone To Go Drinking, Infant Is EATEN ALIVE

When there are good people trying to have children, it’s infuriating that some sick individuals procreate without any intention of being legitimate guardians. The mother in this story is so pathetic that she left her 3-month-old daughter home alone all night long to go on a drinking binge, only to return to find the baby had suffered one of the most horrifying fates imaginable. […]


‘Sore Loser’ Michael Moore Suffers TRAGIC Twitter Meltdown, Hilarity Ensues

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has taken the outcome of 2016’s presidential election particularly hard, and boy, has it ever been satisfying to watch. There’s just something about seeing these fragile snowflakes fall apart, knowing that Donald Trump won when they pulled every incendiary trick in the book to try to stop him. The irony is almost too much to bare. […]

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Horrifying New Details Emerge Surrounding Murder in Country Singer’s Home

The country music community was rocked by the news that the granddaughter of legendary singer Jean Shephard had been murdered inside the Country Music Hall of Famer’s home on December 17. Eighteen-year-old Icie Sloan-Hawkins was stabbed to death, allegedly by her boyfriend, Travis Sanders. However, more details have since emerged about the bloody assault, which left country music lovers shocked and saddened. […]



Behold the consequences of the left’s incessant efforts to vilify Donald Trump. After months of the mainstream media and progressives telling us that the president-elect is an evil man who hates women, minorities, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, and everyone else they can think of, someone with more than a few screws loose has tried to assassinate him. Now, one man is dead. […]

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TSA Spies ‘Weird Lumps’ Under Woman’s Clothing, Makes Shocking Find

Arguably, the most annoying part of flying is passing through airport security. These days, you have to remove your shoes, jacket, jewelry, and left arm to get through the security checkpoint, and that’s only after you wait in the longest line of your life to even have the chance to pass through in the first place. However, you can bet that those airport security employees we put up with as a necessary evil have seen some strange things. […]


Multiple Bodies Found in Late Country Singer’s Home — Here’s What We Know

If you’re a die-hard fan of traditional country music, this will really hit home. Anyone who enjoys this genre of music looks fondly upon the legendary singers who paved the way for the younger generation, telling classic stories of heartbreak through “tear-in-your-beer” ballads. But today, the heartbreak is real for the family of one legendary country singer. […]