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FL Girl Finds 2,500 Naked Pics On Family Computer, All Have 1 Disturbing Thing In Common

When a daughter became suspicious that her mother’s live-in boyfriend of seven years was having an affair, she went looking for proof of his infidelity on their computer. What she ended up discovering resulted in her worst nightmare. The Florida girl found 2,500 naked pictures on her family’s shared computer, and they all had one disgusting thing in common. […]

Cops & Criminals

Chilling Item Spotted In Manhattan 2 Months Before Attack, Pic Goes Viral As It Re-Emerges

On Tuesday night, as Americans gathered for the usual Halloween festivities, 29-year-old Uber driver Sayfullo Saipov drove a rented Home Depot truck onto a Manhattan bike path, killing eight and wounding many others. As more information continues to surface surrounding the tragic ordeal, a picture has gone viral after re-emerging online. It shows a chilling item which was spotted in Manhattan just two months before Saipov embarked on his bloody rampage. […]


BUSTED: Top Imam Comes Forward, Reveals 4 Words He Told De Blasio Before NYC Terror Attack

On Tuesday night, multiple people were shot in Manhattan after a man driving a Home Depot truck plowed through pedestrians. Sayfullo Saipov, who screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, was taken into custody by the NYPD. Shortly thereafter, a top Imam came forward to reveal the four words he told New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio just before the violence unfolded. […]


WATCH: Hillary Caught Laundering $10 MILLION, ‘Bulldog’ Gowdy Has Plan To Make Her Pay

On Monday morning, Paul Manafort was indicted on several counts for laundering millions of dollars through offshore accounts in order to fund his “lavish lifestyle” in the United States without paying taxes. However, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman may not have been the only one laundering millions of dollars. During a live television appearance, Trey “Bulldog” Gowdy alleged that Hillary Clinton may be guilty of the same crime as Manafort, and he has an expert plan to may her pay. […]


Reporter Wants Actor Bryan Cranston To Bash Trump, Isn’t Prepared For Actor’s Blunt Reply

Actor Bryan Cranston, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Walter White on the television series “Breaking Bad,” was not a fan of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign of 2016. In fact, he even pledged to campaign for Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton, saying, “I will do everything in my power to make sure that he’s not the president.” However, when a reporter tried to get Cranston to bash Trump in a recent interview, he wasn’t at all prepared for the actor’s blunt reply. […]


As Mueller Indicts Manafort On 12 Counts, Media Tries To Hide 1 Very Important Detail

On Monday morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort on 12 counts related to hiding foreign payments, including one count of “conspiracy against the United States.” The left was ready to celebrate, but as soon as this news broke, the media began working overtime to hide one very important detail about the story. […]


Mueller Panics As ‘Secret’ From Manafort’s Past Comes Out, Look Who He Worked For in 2012

On Monday morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation led to the indictment of Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump. However, Mueller’s celebration was short-lived because a “secret” from Manafort’s past quickly came out. Mueller is now panicking as it has been revealed who Manafort was working for in 2012 when his alleged crimes were committed. […]


Hours After Manafort ‘Surrenders,’ Obama’s Secret Service Agent Reveals 1 Thing We Missed

First thing Monday morning, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort surrendered to the FBI and was indicted. It was the latest development in a special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election. However, hours after Manafort turned himself in, a distinguished Secret Service agent who served former President Barack Obama revealed the one thing we all missed about the unfolding scandal. […]