Cops & Criminals

Muslim Migrants Gang Rape 13-Year-Old, Prepare For 2nd Victim When Worst Nightmare Arrives

When a group of opportunistic migrants learned that throngs of women and children would be gathering at the beach to celebrate the Spanish festival of San Juan, they couldn’t help themselves. Knowing there would be young and helpless victims at the ready, they headed out to gang rape a vulnerable 13-year-old girl. However, just as the assailants were preparing to assault their second victim, their worst nightmare showed up out of nowhere. […]

Cops & Criminals

VIDEO: Thugs Go ‘Berserk’ Over Cold Fried Chicken, White Family Pays Bloody Price

Shocking surveillance footage has surfaced out of Georgia, where a restaurant owner and her teen daughter were brutally assaulted by a pair of customers who were dissatisfied with their meal. The thugs went “berserk” after ordering a plate of fried chicken, which wasn’t to their liking, and they decided to make the owner and her daughter pay a bloody price. […]

World News

VIDEO: Wife Catches Husband & Mistress Naked In Bed, Makes Them Pay A Bloody Price

When a scorned wife caught wind that her husband was cheating on her with another woman, she decided to confront the pair during one of their moments of intimacy. She barged in on her husband and his lover, catching them naked in bed together, and instantaneously made them pay a painful price. The graphic scene was all caught on tape, and subsequently shared online millions of times. […]

Health & Science

Jogger Heads Out For Long Run, Returns With Nasty Pus-Filled Surprise On Her Legs

When long-distance runner Julie Nisbet set out for a jog recently, she thought she was prepared for the adventure. However, when she returned with a nasty, pus-filled surprise on her legs, she instantly realized that she had sorely miscalculated one aspect of her run, and it ended up coming with some very painful consequences. Now, she’s warning others. […]