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Viewers Notice Disgusting Detail Edited Into Trump’s Speech — Did You Catch It?

Despite the endless tantrums and gnashing of teeth coming from liberals over the proposed border wall, President Donald Trump on Thursday declared that he will “almost definitely” declare a national emergency in order to get the wall built — a clever maneuver that will allow him to bypass Congress for the sake of national security. Now, Democrats are taking their vitriol to an entirely new level, after what the liberal media was just busted doing on two separate occasions this week on live television. […]

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Man Nearly Escapes Death To Tell Horrors Hillary’s Donor Allegedly Committed

We’ve heard about the trail of dead bodies that allegedly accumulate around Hillary Clinton, leading to quite a few conspiracy theories. Much like Hillary, one of her mega-donors is finding himself with several dead bodies of his own. Protests have erupted outside his West Hollywood home after yet another corpse mysteriously turned up at his residence. Now, one man has emerged to tell about the horrors Hillary’s donor allegedly committed. […]

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Chuck & Nancy Must Be Furious After The AP Just Exposed Their Huge Border Lie

With each passing day, the political factions within Washington, D.C., are becoming more polarized over whether to fund a border wall. Politicians from both sides have locked horns, resulting in a government shutdown. On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump gave a speech to Americans, delivering alarming statistics about crime and drugs pouring in through our unprotected borders. Now, the Associated Press, who many Americans consider to be the most reliable source of news, is chiming in, exposing who is really to blame for the government shutdown. […]

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Pelosi Accuses Trump Of Faking Border Crisis, Then Alarming Crime Stats Emerge

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling the construction of the border wall “immoral” wasn’t enough stupidity to last a lifetime, now Democrats are accusing President Donald Trump of “manufacturing a crisis” at the border. But unfortunately for these politicians, the latest crime statistics that these immigrants have caused has just been released, proving that what’s happening should be considered a national emergency. […]

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Trump Just Found Sneaky Way To Fund Entire Wall, Chuck & Nancy Will Be Livid

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump has constantly proved to us, it’s his incredible ability to get the job done in Washington, DC. As this President rolls up on the two-year mark of his historic election, he’s already racked up an astounding 289 accomplishments, including adding 4 million new jobs to the economy, destroying ISIS, and an 83 percent increase in the arrests of dangerous MS-13 members trying to invade our country. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the king of the “art of the deal” would already have a plan in place to fund the wall, which will no doubt lead to liberals curling up in fetal positions and screaming that Trump’s a racist. […]

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Appointed Official Has Huge Remorse Over Giving Undeserved Gift To Obama

Ever since President Donald Trump took office, he’s been taking a wrecking ball to Barack Obama’s “legacy.” ISIS is completely destroyed, Obamacare is about to be flushed down the toilet, The Wall is about to be built, and our military is the strongest that it’s ever been. As Obama desperately tries to scramble for ways to stay relevant, his ego took a hit after one person came forward. […]

Cops & Criminals

Sexual Predator Who Hunted Infants & Kids Gets Savage Dose Of Prison Justice

There’s no lower life form in existence than a person who would sexually exploit children for a living. Christian Maire, who was busted by the FBI back in December, had just began his 40 year prison sentence in a federal prison for his disturbing crimes. But unfortunately for Marie, the inmates housed there had other plans, giving life to the old saying that there really is “honor among thieves.” […]