Obama’s SNEAKY Plan Brings Refugees To Your Town, But Here’s How To Stop It

The government is lying when it says they are only taking in a minimal amount of Muslim refugees. Right now, plans are in the works in every state to force communities into taking thousands of refugees, and this plan is so sneaky that no one will realize what is happening. Luckily, there is a way to stop the diabolical plan to drop thousands of Muslim refugees right into our hometowns. […]

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Muslims Gang Rape Christian Woman & Murder Her Dad Over 9 Simple Words

A 22-year-old Christian woman testified that three Muslim men took turns gang raping her and bludgeoned her father to death over just 9 words her father had spoken to them. Now, people are praying for the girl as she tries to recover, knowing she will never forget her father’s sacrifice — and neither will you when you learn exactly what he said that caused these monsters to rape and kill. […]


[VIDEO] Hannity & Social Media Give Scathing Response To Paul Ryan On Trump

As a leading Republican politician and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is a public servant with an obligation to unite those in the GOP, not think of his own personal feelings. Ryan neglected to do his duty when he refused to get behind Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee. This has caused rightful backlash, and Sean Hannity and social media have scathing responses to Ryan’s latest move. […]


Lawmakers Take Drastic Action On Global Warming, First Step In Larger Agenda

The Democrat Party is once again stripping us of our rights, as lawmakers are making it a criminal offense to speak against climate change. As shocking as it sounds, it’s happening in what’s suppose to be the land of free speech. This marks the end of our Republic, if it’s not stopped right away. This is the first step in a much bigger goal, and their ultimate agenda should frighten freedom-loving Americans. […]

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No One Would Attend Her Son’s Birthday, So Mom Broke Down On Social Media

Little four-year old Taenon Briannan was looking forward to his birthday party. His mother Rachelle had invited a slew of guests and was ready for the big day, when everyone cancelled. Not wanting her son to know the devastating news, she took to social media, panicking as she related her heartbreaking story. That’s when she got an unexpected response, and it’s getting a lot of attention. […]

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SHOCKING: ISIS Leader Living Miles From US Border, Americans In Danger

A shocking new report is flying under the radar of the mainstream media, and it could cost many American lives. An Islamic State operative has set up a base over the border in Mexico, and they are conducting a deadly business with the help of the Mexican drug cartels. This is incredibly dangerous to citizens of the United States, and you’ll be raging mad that the Obama regime is turning a blind eye, compromising our safety. […]