After Obama Disrespected Dead Cops, Here’s How He Honored These Two

As President of the United States, Barack Obama has caused a huge racial divide in this country as he defends thugs and throws cops under the bus. Obama’s lies hurt this nation as evidenced by the mass slaughter of our police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. However, he disrespects and quickly forgets our fallen officers, instead choosing to honor those who have sent our country into turmoil. […]


BLM Leader’s Damning Past Exposed After Calling For Dead Cops & Violence

Shaun King is a known agitator, liar, and bigot, who presents himself a social justice warrior. The BLM leader has called for the shooting of police, and he is now focusing on Donald Trump and those who vote for him. He is asking the thugs to come out and organize a very violent act, but you’ll be shocked at the one big lie about him that proves what a charlatan he truly is. […]

Cops & Criminals

Castile’s Mom Has ONE Thing To Say About Diamond Reynold’s $56K GoFundMe

Diamond “Lavish” Reynold’s has taken in over $56,000 in donations on her GoFundMe account, and many are demanding that she gives it back or donates it to the families of the five slain police officers in Dallas, Texas. Now, Philando Castile’s mom is weighing in, and she has one thing she wants Reynolds to know about all those dollars she is raking in. You’ll be sickened to learn what Reynolds is saying in this uncovered video. […]

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Terrorist Murders Texas Dad & Son, Horrifying Video Banned By Liberal Media

Again we are waking up to another horrendous terrorist attack that claimed Americans lives, this time in Nice, France. An eleven-year-old Texas boy and his fifty-one-year-old dad were mowed down by a truck driven by a Muslim terrorist as they strolled down a seaside promenade. Now, a shocking video of that attack is going viral and causing outrage in patriotic Americans, and the liberal media is banning it for one big reason. […]


After Racist Rant From Sports ‘Heroes’ At Espy, Black Slave Exposes Their Lies

African-American NBA players took to the stage of the Espy Awards Wednesday night to perform a ridiculous opening monologue, where they talked about Trayvon Martin and the so-called violent of cops, mimicking Barack Obama’s words at the Dallas Memorial. However, one black slave, who doesn’t fit their racist narrative, haunts them from the grave, exposing their lies and proving the black community has lost its way. […]

Cops & Criminals

Police Chief Slams Diamond Reynolds, Exposes 4 Lies Americans Need To Know

Minnesota Police Chief Rick Mathwig is fed-up with the lies that Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds is telling about the shooting of Philando Castile. He could no longer stay silent as he watched the mainstream media repeat lie after lie and present them as facts. Now, he has broken his silence, exposing four huge lies Reynolds has been touting as truth, and all Americans need to know this shocking new information. […]

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Transgender Arrested At Target, What He Did Confirms Our Worst Fears

Sean Patrick Smith, a 43-year-old transgender who goes by the name Shauna Patricia Smith, was arrested at a Target store near Idaho Falls on Monday. After responding to a report from a distraught woman, police reviewed security footage, leading them to Smith. Now, conservatives are outraged that Target did not heed their warnings after the shocking thing Smith did, which has him facing felony charges. […]


Disgusted Cops React To Obama’s Speech At Dallas Memorial & It’s PRICELESS

Barack Obama gave his usual race-baiting speech yesterday at the Dallas memorial service for the five police officers killed in the line of duty. Most hoped that Obama would try for once to be honorable and make a speech about the heroes rather than about himself, but he isn’t honorable. The president’s rhetoric didn’t go unnoticed, and the disgusted cops’ reactions are priceless. […]