[VIDEO] Colorado Voters Are Pissed, Collusion Exposed In Massive Cover-Up

All it took was a little detective work, a few Google searches, and eye-witness testimony to expose the Colorado delegate sweep by Ted Cruz as collusion by those we put our trust in. The insider fix was in a year ago, but as with backroom deals, situations didn’t come to light until after the offense. Something isn’t right in Colorado, and you’ll be righteously angered to know who rigged the system, denying voters their Constitutional right. […]


[VIDEO] Hillary’s Mad Dog Reaction To Trump’s New Pet Name Is Priceless

Donald Trump has finally unveiled his nickname for Hillary Clinton. Since Lyin’ was already in use for Ted Cruz, Trump needed to come up with another name to describe Hillary. While being interviewed, Hillary got caught off guard, when asked to listen to Trump roll out her new name, and her reaction was priceless. She was so off her game and mortified, you’ll be cheering as she struggled to keep from going off the deep end. […]


You’ll Never Guess Where Obama Just Sent 9 WORST Gitmo Terrorists

Barack Obama is making good on his promise to empty out Gitmo, and his latest release of nine jihadi terrorists proves how crazy this is getting. Obama’s aides are trying to cover-up this release, dumping the announcement on a Friday when no press can ask questions, but when you hear who these terrorists are and where they are going, you will be shocked, knowing this will come back to haunt Americans, possibly in a deadly way. […]


[VIDEO] Cruz Backer Reveals Secret Insider Deals As Trump Supporters Protest

Donald Trump supporters staged a protest of the Colorado GOP delegate election system on Friday, April 15. Converging on the state capitol, the peaceful protest addressed the GOP party bosses, demanding a fair representation of delegates. One attendee, who identified herself as a District GOP Coordinator and a Ted Cruz supporter, spilled new secret insider information, and you won’t believe the shocking corruption going on at so many levels. […]


[VID] Severely Wounded Vet Has Advice For Trump That Liberals Will Hate

Staff Sgt. Bobby Henline is taking nothing for granted these days. After sustaining some of the worst burns and injuries while serving in the Middle East, Bobby is weighing in on some very important topics facing our nation. This very brave man has a message on the presidential race and thoughts on a very controversial topic. He’s also got advice for Donald Trump that liberals are going to hate. […]


[VIDEO] ISIS Will Never Forget The Day Christians Kicked Their Asses

The Islamic State and its rising Caliphate is invading Europe, using Muslim migrants with a specific plan in mind. Muslim have had stories handed down to them, which all center around the date September 11, 1683. It’s with a mandate to kill all Christians in mind that they plan a final defeat of Christianity and the West. However, Christian forces kicked their asses right out of the West with the Cross of Christ leading their way once before, and there’s a reason ISIS never forgets it. […]


[VIDEO] Hillary’s Latest Campaign Promise, The Most Dangerous One Of ALL

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in panic mode, and it’s causing her to make some alliances that are very troubling for our national security. Wednesday, she introduced a plan, and many are not fully aware of the implications. However, it is so dangerous, she’s hoping it flies under the radar, and you’ll be righteously pissed off after you realize just what she is trying to do. […]