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Dallas Shooter’s Secret Motive, Here’s Why He Wanted ALL Cops & Whites Dead

Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson’s motive for murdering five cops and wounding a dozen more is not something the mainstream media wants to report. They’d rather keep their head in the sand and continue to blame so-called bad cops and guns. However, the truth about Johnson is coming out, exposing his shocking obsession with something that explains exactly why he wanted all cops and white people dead. […]


Badass Congressman Just Nailed Obama With EPIC Tweet About BLM & Dallas

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh, known for his quick wit and strong opinions on Barack Obama, has taken to Twitter to give his opinion on the Dallas shootings. As Americans are outraged by the killing of police officers, Walsh’s testimony on the Black Lives Matter thugs and what Obama should fear is priceless. After epically nailing Obama, he also boldly declared what real Americans will do next. […]


TV Anchor Fired For Being ‘White,’ Exposes Boss As Racist In One Strong Move

Wendy Bell was a local Pittsburgh news anchor when she stepped into a nightmare at work. After posting her opinion on a news story on her station’s Facebook page, she was ultimately fired for making allegedly racist remarks. However, everyone with common sense agreed that she was terminated for being white, and now, in one strong move, she is making sure her boss is exposed as the real racist. […]

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Bombshell Sex Scandal: FOX Anchor Sues CEO, Intimate Details Exposed

Fox News has been having its share of controversy, and now, one of their female anchors has dropped a bombshell after bringing about a big lawsuit for an alleged sex scandal. Disturbing and shocking details are emerging as two well-known men at Fox have been named as alleged sexual predators. Intimate and sickening details about what has been going on behind closed doors are being exposed. […]

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[VID] Public Screams ‘Murder’ After Cop Kills Man, But 1 Thing Went Unnoticed

A shocking video, showing Minnesota resident Philando Castile shot and profusely bleeding from his right arm as he takes his last breaths, is making international headlines after his girlfriend accused police of shooting him for no reason during a minor traffic stop. The footage is quite disturbing, and it sure looks like murder — but there’s one thing going unnoticed in the clip. […]

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Sick Rapist Brutalized Sleeping Women, Media Covering Up One HUGE Detail

Serial rapist Pedro Arias-Santiago, 26, has finally been caught, but it’s too little too late for several women. This sick sexual predator broke into young single women’s homes, and while they were sleeping, he brutally raped them. Now, the one thing the government and its liberal lapdog media has been covering up has been exposed, and it proves none of these rapes ever had to happen at all. […]