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Eric Holder Plans Violent Attacks On Republicans — Here’s What You Need To Know

A video was just uncovered showing Barack Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder plotting violent attacks against Republicans. This is extremely troubling. Hillary Clinton recently also signed off on promoting uncivil protests as the only way to take back power. In fact, Holder, who is addressing “activists,” shocks them as he tells them to forget about Michelle Obama’s “going high.” Holder then proceeds to lay out his violent alternative. We have uncovered everything you need to know to stay safe. […]

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Acosta Blasts POTUS For Calling Those Against Kavanaugh ‘Evil,’ Trump Destroys Him

CNN’s Jim Acosta, who loves to stir up controversy, caught up with President Donald Trump as he was leaving to board Marine One. Acosta wrongly thought he had a “gotcha” question for the president. The leftist CNN reporter asked Trump, “You said forces against Kavanaugh were evil. Who?” Well, Trump didn’t miss a beat, as his answer totally destroyed Acosta and the evil forces in the Democratic Party. You’ll love this. […]


Taylor Swift Attends AMA Awards As New Democratic Darling & Boy Does She Regret It

Taylor Swift made a huge mistake just ahead of Tuesday night’s American Music Awards (AMAs). Swift broke her long-standing political silence this past week, posting a long rant on Instagram taking direct aim at popular GOP Senator Marcia Blackburn of Tennesee. Swift said the Trump-supporting Blackburn appalled and terrified her. Well, last night at the AMAs, Taylor Swift found out embracing the loser leftists was the wrong move, and boy does she regret it now. […]

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Meghan Returns To The View & Trashes Trump Hard, 2008 Video Makes Her Regret It

Meghan McCain returned to The View this week, and her hatred for President Donald Trump is now completely off the charts. Meghan tearfully thanked her leftist co-hosts, crying, “My dad loved you so much Whoopi!” Meghan now sees herself as the “voice of true conservatism,” and Trump supporters are just lowlifes as far as she is concerned. Well, an old 2008 video resurfaced of The View, and boy does it make Meghan regret she ever opened her big mouth. […]

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Democrat Candidate El-Sayed Attacks Trump-Backed Vet John James, Made To Regret It

Democratic candidate Abdul El-Sayed proudly boasted he would be the first Muslim Governor of Michigan. He lost the primary even though Bernie Sanders, Muslim activist Linda Sansour, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed him. Now, he’s bitter and attacking Iraqi Veteran and West Point graduate John James, who is backed by President Donald Trump in the Michigan senatorial race. James just made El-Sayed totally regret attacking him. You’ll love this. […]

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Hillary ‘Dog-Whistles’ Angry Mob To Attack Republicans, Trump Makes Her Regret It

Hillary Clinton has now decided to back the angry leftist mob of the Democratic Party. Instead of being a voice of reason against violent displays, the failed presidential candidate just “dog-whistled” the angry leftist mob to ramp up their attacks on Republicans, just like Maxine Waters did. Well, President Donald Trump just made Hillary totally regret her disgraceful statements. Don’t miss this. […]

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As Justice Kavanaugh Is Sworn In, Trump Shocks Leftists With One More Nasty Surprise

Last night, Brett Kavanaugh and his wonderful family were joined by President Donald Trump and the eight Justices of the Supreme Court at the White House, as he was ceremonially sworn in. It was a very moving ceremony as the president spoke along with Justice Kavanaugh. But what really shocked Americans was that President Trump had one more nasty surprise for the leftist mob, and it left them crying like babies. You’ll love this. […]