SHOCKING VIDEO: Black Muslim Thugs Get Away With Inciting Murder Of Trump

In shocking uncensored footage, the liberal elites are using black Muslim thugs to do their dirty work and inciting the murder of Donald Trump. The lack of outrage at the murderous teens, along with the liberal press condoning assassination plots of the GOP front-runner, is horrendous. The movement to murder Trump is under reported, and you’ll be shocked at the cabal of vipers going free after committing this crime. […]


Catholic Professor Suspended After Gay Liberal Hacks Deny Him Free Speech

Marquette University, a Catholic college, is moving to suspend conservative professor John McAdams, an action instigated by gay liberal hacks, denying his free speech. McAdams found himself having to defend his rights after gay advocates silenced him. You’ll be disgusted at what they are doing to both the professor and the students, who dared to challenge the gay agenda. If they have their way, we’ll all feel the horrible backlash of it. […]


[VIDEO] Deathly Sick Former Beauty Queen Silences Trump In Rare Moment

A deathly sick former beauty queen was on hand at a Donald Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, seeking to speak to the GOP front-runner. The rally was held in the hometown of the terminally ill mother, and she silenced Trump in a rare moment. Caught on video, people are reacting to seeing the billionaire GOP candidate speechless, silencing him and a room full of his supporters at the same time. […]


Ted Cruz Supporters Cause Shock Waves With New Comments On Sex Scandal

The Ted Cruz sex scandal doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Now, two of the biggest Cruz supporters, who have been his staunchest defenders, seem to be questioning the presidential candidate’s truthfulness, and the shock waves are being heard all over social media after their comments. As the supporters come clean, social media is buzzing again, and you’ll be floored with what they are saying. […]


[VIDEO] Trump Campaign Manager Arrested, You Won’t Believe The Charge

The race for president is heating up, and reporters should know it’s a dog eat dog world to get a sound bite. So, when a female reporter blasted on Twitter that she experienced something so bad at a press event, it rivaled the death of her father, people took notice. As a result, Donald Trump’s campaign manager was arrested, and the charge is so crazy that you’ll be shaking your head in disgust. […]


147 FBI Agents Scour Hillary’s Emails, Closest Aides Can End Her For Good

Things are heating up in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal investigation. New information has surfaced, and it’s not good for the former Secretary of State. Most people think the Democrat front-runner will skate easily by these potential charges, but the FBI is making a power play. Most troubling for Hillary are her closest aides, who are going on the hot seat, and what they will say could end Hillary for good. […]

U.S. News

DEADLY: U.S. Water Supply Hacked By Terrorists, Major Cover-Up Going On

A little known incident is coming out in some reports, and it’s looking very deadly. Hoping to fly this information under the radar, the report is on a computer security site, and it says hackers have infiltrated our water supply. Muslim terrorists have often bragged that they will contaminate our water, and doubly frightening are reports that say a deadly cover up is going on, putting all of us at risk. […]


Why GOP Grassroots Supporters Terrify One Big Time Democratic Leader

A high-ranking Democratic leader is trying to cover-up the fear the party is feeling. They fear the growing movement within the Republican party, mainly grassroots supporters who are shaking up this election cycle. Although this big time Democratic leader won’t say it outright, you can surmise from their words that what is terrifying the party is a particular group of supporters, and they want them gone at any cost. […]