[VIDEO] Trump Drops BOMBSHELL At Debate, Blasting RNC For Secret SET-UP

The GOP debate held in New Hampshire Saturday night had it’s exciting moments. One moment between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush lead to Trump revealing a secret set-up that left most Americans feeling duped. Trump, in his usual fashion, was not going to allow the Republican National Committee (RNC) to get away with anything, and what he revealed left the debate anchors speechless. […]


Sheriff Clarke Destroys Hillary Clinton’s ‘New Weapon’ In One Epic Tweet

Hillary Clinton is rolling out a new weapon in her arsenal to win the White House, but it is backfiring big time as conservatives laugh at its stupidity. Sheriff David Clarke, the no-nonsense lawman famous for lambasting the Black Lives Matter movement, wasted no time taking to social media to destroy the Hillary campaign’s attempt to promote a new ad, which features her new weapon. […]


Muslim Father Claims Fame For Shooting Daughter In Head, But There’s A Twist

In a new documentary highlighting the incidents that occur in Islam, there comes the tale of another honor killing by a father, who shot his daughter in the head, claiming fame for doing so. The mainstream media usually ignores these occurrences, but not this time. The mind-boggling twist that followed the shooting of the girl by her father will leave no doubt that honor killings are at the heart of what needs exposed to change the ongoing threats to our civilization. […]

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Liberal News Outlet Bans ‘Toxic’ Comments On Three Protected Topics

In a page out of Orwell’s 1984, one of the world’s largest news outlets is implementing a new policy on comments. In an opinion piece from its senior editor, the publication announced “an unacceptable level of toxic commentary” on their website led to a decision to silence their readers. The senior editor finds nothing amiss with shutting down people’s thoughts on certain topics and even goes as far as to say his journalists “loathe the readers.” […]