Cops & Criminals

Sick Rapist Brutalized Sleeping Women, Media Covering Up One HUGE Detail

Serial rapist Pedro Arias-Santiago, 26, has finally been caught, but it’s too little too late for several women. This sick sexual predator broke into young single women’s homes, and while they were sleeping, he brutally raped them. Now, the one thing the government and its liberal lapdog media has been covering up has been exposed, and it proves none of these rapes ever had to happen at all. […]

Social Issues

[VIDEO] Muslim Taxi Driver Refuses Disabled Man, Excuse Backfires Big Time

A Muslim taxi driver responded to a call and found a disabled man, named Charles Bloch, in need of a ride. Not liking what the ride would entail, the cabbie refused, and Charles got very angry. Now, the disabled community is outraged over the excuse Charles was given to justify denying service to the disabled man, but unfortunately for the driver, it just backfired big time. […]

Social Issues

SEE IT: Muslim Kids Reenact SAVAGE Terrorist Act, Parents’ Response is SICK

In a disturbing video, Muslim kids are seen playing in the streets, and their game involves reenacting a specific terrorist act. The short video is alarming on so many levels, with one being the deep-seated violent culture ingrained in these kids as young as five. The children’s laughter as they rehearse the barbaric act is chilling, but their parents’ response is even sicker than the actions of their violence-loving offspring. […]

Social Issues

[VID] Muslims’ Diabolical Solution To Adultery, Sick Use For Christians Exposed

A shocking video, not meant to be viewed by Americans, has been uncovered. It exposes the purely evil plans that radical Islam has in store for Christian women. In the footage, a chilling scenario is conveyed, and the Muslim featured in the footage details a sick plot that she says should make every Muslim proud. However, their solution to adultery is diabolical, and their planned use for Christians is downright disgusting. […]

Cops & Criminals

[VIDEO] Scantily Clad Stripper Bribes Cop With Something He Refuses TWICE

A scantily clad stripper is in big trouble, and she only has herself to blame. After a night at the club, dressed in a top that didn’t cover all her assets, Margaret Garcia tried to bribe her way out of a ticket. However, what the cop discovered in her car resulted in her arrest, and now she’s getting a rude awakening after she tried a second time to bribe an officer of the law, who wasn’t buying what she was selling. […]


‘Fact Checker’ LIES About Trump’s Latest Claim, But Here Are The Facts

Donald Trump’s statements are always being fact checked, but now, one famous fact checker is in the hot seat. Politifact said Trump lied on an issue that is extremely important — crime in America. US Citizens want to know the facts about criminal activity in our country, and you’ll be shocked at the lies being told, all in an effort to make Trump look bad and the Democrats in charge look good. […]