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ISIS Posts On Social Media For Fast Cash, What They Are Selling Will Sicken You

The Islamic State must need fast cash. They are posting something disgusting for sale, complete with troubling instructions, on all social media platforms. One Facebook post got loads of views when it was up for over 8 hours before being taken down. On the post, ISIS boasted that demand was so high, bids of over $8,000 dollars were coming in, but what they’re selling to fund their Islamic war is absolutely sickening. […]

Cops & Criminals

Migrant’s T-Shirt Is A Huge Mistake, Muslims Go Crazy When They SEE IT

A young Muslim migrant thought his new t-shirt was a fun way to express the cultural problems he was experiencing while living in a new host country. He sincerely thought it would be accepted as a clever pun, but boy did he think wrong. When his fellow Muslims took one look at it, they immediately launched into a tirade, leaving him in a very bad way that is hard to believe. […]

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Badass College Co-Ed Goes Ballistic, Makes ISIS Sex Slavers Cower In Terror

Joanna Palani is one badass college co-ed who took her vacation year abroad and did something extraordinary. Most college kids go away to study in a foreign country for a year, but not Joanna. Instead, she wanted to make a difference and help those girls held as sex slaves by the barbaric Islamic State thugs. You’ll be amazed at this real-life GI Jane who takes on ISIS and left them quaking in their boots. […]


[VIDEO] Sheriff Clarke Blasts Anti-Trump Protesters: ‘Beat Down Is Coming’

Sheriff David Clarke doesn’t mince words or put up with nonsense. Yesterday, he weighed in on the anti-Trump protesters, letting them know exactly how law enforcement should handle the rioting they’ve been doing at Donald Trump rallies. He has an interesting take on dealing with these violent scumbags, as he puts the anti-Trump flag burning idiots on notice, and you’ll love it. […]


BREAKING NEWS: Sneaky Obama Has Your Taxpayer Dollars Funding PURE EVIL

Since Barack Obama became President, he made one thing clear — America is bad and Islamic Nations are good. His apologies to the Middle East, saying America is sorry for waging war against Islam, all end now with his big punchline on us. Your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are funding pure evil, and it’s been his plan all along. This breaking news should not only infuriate us all but leave us more than just a little worried. […]