Obama Refuses To Help Christians Killed By ISIS, His Excuse Should Outrage You

The Obama regime has one chance to help Christians killed by the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh), and they would only need to do a really small thing to make a huge difference. Unfortunately, this chance to help has a deadline, and that deadline is today. Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will do nothing to help these Christians, and when you hear what they are refusing to do, you will join Christians everywhere in utter outrage. […]


BREAKING: Boehner Makes Jaw-Dropping Endorsement & You Should Be Pissed

John Boehner has come forward with his endorsement for president, and it is going to leave a lot of people outraged. Boehner, who left Washington under duress, has no qualms about making a serious argument for a brokered convention, the last hope for John Kasich. However, it’s not Kasich that Boehner is endorsing. Instead, Boehner is speaking for the GOP establishment, and conservatives everywhere are very pissed off. […]

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SEE IT: American Muslim Leader Rallies #BLM To Declare WAR On America

If you thought Muslim women had no place in inciting jihad in America, think again. A prominent Muslim woman, who was born in America and hides behind our Constitution, is rallying the Black Lives Matter movement and calling for a revolution which she compares to the Islamic State. Her agenda is pure evil, and one look into her eyes reveals how dangerous this American Muslim woman is. […]


[VIDEO] Viral Story Claims ‘Prophetic Word’ Given To Trump By Billy Graham

At a recent Donald Trump rally, a story came out, detailing his roots in Christianity. This story is going viral with so many Christians worried about persecutions that the Obama regime has inflicted on Christians in America. The story reveals a little known connection between Reverend Billy Graham and the claim a “prophetic word” was given by him to Trump on his 60th birthday. […]


SHOCKING: Watch Hillary Deny Benghazi EVER Happened With These 5 Words

Hillary Clinton is painting Libya as a huge foreign policy success. Hoping Americans have forgotten Benghazi, she is trying to re-write history. Benghazi marks the point of Hillary’s worse failure. Four American heroes lost their lives on her watch. Now, she hopes Americans have moved on, as she loudly proclaims these five words that have Americans so shocked and outraged the back lash is just beginning. […]


After Trump Criticized, Video Emerges Of Reagan Dealing With Leftist Protesters

After the chaos in Chicago, Donald Trump has been the center of controversy after protesters disrupted his rally, forcing a cancellation amid security concerns. While Trump fields backlash and attacks, perhaps a history lesson is in order. Ronald Reagan, a much-loved president and the Republican icon known as “The Great Communicator,” faced his fair share of angry leftists, and video has reemerged showing how he dealt with it. […]


BOOM: Judge Jeanine & Hispanics All Agree These GOP Candidates ARE DONE

Judge Jeanine Pirro is on fire, and she is not leaving anything out as she blasts certain GOP candidates. As the Donald Trump protesters were found out to be leftist scum, the Judge had some choice words for all Americans about free speech, but she wasn’t the only one. Shocking footage reveals that some legal immigrants aren’t fooled by the anti-Trump rhetoric. You’ll be shocked at the responses of those who were on the fence but now see clearly who is lying to the American people. […]