Hillary Adviser Denies ALL Clinton Wrongdoing, Hit With PROOF By Porn Star

One of the Clintons’ staunchest allies, Peter Daou, says he is sick of having to defend Bill and Hillary, claiming that he is exposed to the “boiling, seething hate” daily on their behalf. He denies that they have done anything wrong, but that’s when former porn star Jenna Jameson stepped in, shocking Daou with an explicit response, and you’ll love the truth bomb that she hits them with, throwing it right in their faces. […]


Hannity Points GUN At Juan Williams’ Head After TV Debate, Here’s The TRUTH

Sean Hannity allegedly pointed a gun at Juan Williams and had his lasers trained at his head after a heated debate. Hannity, the conservative pundit, often spares on-air with Williams, a liberal Democrat, but according to CNN, Hannity lost control and pulled out his huge handgun right on the Fox News set. Now, Hannity is going on the record, and you’ll be completely pissed off when you find out the truth. […]

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Trump Adviser In FREAK Accident Blames Hillary & DEMS, ‘They Want Him Dead’

Roger Stone, the longtime friend and adviser to President Donald Trump, was in a horrific, freak accident in Miami, Florida. He feels that he was targeted, and it’s not the first time. Stone, a ruthless political operative for over 45 years, is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest foes. Now, Stone reveals the details of what happened, but more importantly, he tells us what he has that is causing the Clintons and the Democrats to want him dead. […]

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IDIOT Who Gave Rachel Maddow Trump’s Taxes Accuses Melania Of ‘Sleazy’ Acts

Reporter David Cay Johnston is facing the wrath of President Donald Trump after accusing the First Lady of “sleazy” acts. Johnston has been obsessed with Trump and his family for over 25 years, and he became unhinged on live national TV, making disgusting sexual allegations against Melania. It’s shocking to hear an American talk so nasty about our First Lady, and you’ll be as pissed off as patriots are all across the country. […]

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Michael Savage & His Dog Were Left Bloodied & Beaten By Trump-Hater

Micheal Savage, the 74-year-old conservative radio host, was dining at a San Francisco restaurant when out of nowhere, a Trump-hater physically attacked him, leaving him bloodied and beaten. His beloved dog Teddy was also kicked and injured by the thug. Now, we have all the sick details and motive that have to do with President Donald Trump, and this will piss you off. […]


Rapper ‘Bow Wow’ Attacks Melania Trump In SICK Way & Instantly Regrets It

After President Donald Trump responded to Snoop Dogg’s disgusting rap video that shows an assignation scene, Snoop’s nephew, rapper “Bow Wow,” decided to help his uncle out and launch his own attack on Melania Trump. Now, he is regretting his despicable actions big time, finding out there are consequences when you attack the First Lady of the United States. […]

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Trump Draining Swamp, Sicks T-Rex On Biggest Rat George Soros Over 1 Thing

President Donald Trump is keeping his word, draining the swamp, and now, we are getting the best possible news to date. Evil businessman George Soros is on Trump’s hit list, and he is sending his destroyer, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to eliminate him. Soros is slippery, but Trump’s got one thing on him that has to do with Barack Obama, and you’re going to love this. […]

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Democrats Colluded With Known Muslim Spies & Are Keeping Them ON STAFF

Shocking new information is emerging about the Muslim spy ring within government, revealing that they are still on staff, working for the Democrats. Bombshell reports expose leading Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, covering for these spies. Now, we have evidence proving that they worked in collusion with them, leaking national secrets in order to smear President Donald Trump. This will piss you off. […]

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Maddow IMPLODES: More Bad News After She Proves Trump Paid Higher Taxes

In what is turning out to be one of the biggest fails on live TV, Rachel Maddow promised her fellow liberals some devastating news after she revealed that she had obtained President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Maddow not only failed to deliver, she proved the president paid a higher tax rate than MSNBC and other big-time Democratic politicians. Now, the bad news just keeps rolling in for Maddow, and you’re going to love this. […]


Ice-T Drops Truth Bomb After Seeing Snoop Dogg’s Trump Assassination Video

Rapper and actor Ice-T has gone on the record about Snoop Dogg’s disturbing video, showing a President Donald Trump assassination scene, and his remarks are pissing off liberals. Ice-T says that he was shocked when watching the video, and that’s when he dropped a bomb about liberals. You’ll be shocked at what he sees in that video to prove his point. […]