BUSTED! DNC Silences Millions Of Americans During Hillary’s Speech

Hillary Clinton’s speech last night was very well planned since her campaign could not afford to leave anything to chance. Those in charge wanted to make sure there were no boos or dissenters in the audience, but that would mean stopping free speech. However, that is exactly what they did, and it’s shocking how Hillary’s thugs made sure millions of Americans were silenced during her big speech. […]


Undercover DNC Video Exposes HUGE Problem Hillary Won’t Easily Overcome

Hillary Clinton’s campaign must be in total chaos today, watching a video shot at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that exposes a huge problem that is rocking the candidate’s world. A journalist went undercover, posing as a Hillary supporter. Not only does he get assaulted but a bigger truth comes out, exposing explosive information that should cost her this election. […]


VIDEO: Democrat Spokesman Proves They Hate White Males With Just 3 Words

When Nancy Pelosi gave an interview at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), she was asked why the majority of white males are voting for Donald Trump, and her answer is causing major waves with middle-class voters. Just three words the far left used to define white blue collar voters shows their complete contempt for American values, and it’s rightfully pissing people off. […]


Hillary Makes Millions On 2 SECRET Deals That Screwed Women & Children

Hillary Clinton did a lot of damage while she was Secretary of State. She singlehandedly screwed America while she became mega rich, and many of her secrets are just coming to light. Two of her highly underhanded and illegal deals show how Hillary and Bill Clinton colluded to get rich, using her position in the US government. Shockingly, the outcome of her deceit killed women and children, but the media is silent about it. […]


VIDEO: Nazi-Like DNC Locks Out Anti-Hillary Crowd, Media Caught In BIG Lie

Ever since the Democratic National Committee’s Wikileaks scandal, the Democratic National Convention has been off the rails. Boos and jeers rocked the convention from day one, and it’s apparent that half of the party hates Hillary Clinton. Now, uncensored video from Philadelphia exposes the Nazi-like tactics the DNC is employing against the anti-Hillary crowd, revealing the one big lie the media was caught reporting. […]


Pandering DNC Uses Kid For Sympathy, Fails Big Time By Ignoring 2 Things

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is turning out to be a circus of angry protesters as every speech on stage is interrupted with chants of “Bernie.” However, one part of the event last night, which involved a child who wanted our sympathy, was extremely offensive to patriotic Americans, who realize that these lawmakers ignored two important things while this kid was used to push their propaganda. […]

Social Issues

Muslims Behead Priest, But What They Did On Altar Will Make You SICK

Muslim terrorists stormed into morning mass, beheading an 84-year-old priest and savagely stabbing a nun as the terrified parishioners were taken hostage. Snipers were called in as the hostages’ lives were in mortal danger. As if the horrific events weren’t bad enough, leaving an elderly priest dead, many are shocked to learn what else these Muslim terrorists did on the altar that proves how sick they really are. […]