[VIDEO] Black Trump Supporter Called ‘Uncle Tom,’ Leaves Crowd Cheering

California is the coveted battleground in the GOP nomination process, and it’s known as the liberal state of the Hollywood crowd. So, it’s quite shocking when one California man is not only African-American, but also a Donald Trump supporter, and this man is no novice to politics. Called a traitor if he does not vote for Hillary Clinton, he shuts down the haters, and you don’t want to miss his thunderous reply to those calling him “Uncle Tom.” […]

Social Issues

Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Islamophobia’ Law Making Our Speech New Hate Crime

There is a resolution before Congress, backed by far left liberals wanting to condemn “Islamophobia.” This is disastrous for the war on terror and would curtail our free speech. It is trying to create a hate crime for saying anything that could be interpreted as anti-Muslim, and you’ll be extremely pissed off when you see this plan is straight from the playbook of the Muslim Brotherhood. […]


The Anti-Trump MEAN GIRLS Who Are Threatening, Blacklisting, & Bullying

There is a hate Donald Trump movement. It goes by various names on social media, such as #NeverTrump. Inside this movement are a group of women who are so anti-Trump, they have gone as far as to actively attempt to ruin people’s lives who support the candidate. These are the anti-Trump Mean Girls, and they are well-known pundits or famous political professionals, and you’ll be in shock at the threats, the blacklisting, and bullying going on. […]


Violent Extremist Thugs Warn Trump Supporters: ‘We’re Coming For You’

A group of anarchists are threatening Donald Trump supporters. They are a well-organized group, believing certain acts are in order against Trump supporters and saying they are protecting the world against racism. These wackos are out in the open with websites and forums, all dedicated to giving strategic information on public rallies, and you’ll be so shocked at what these fringe freaks have in mind. […]


[VIDEO] According To Cruz & Fiorina, Now Is The Time For Ted To Hang It Up

According to his supporters, Ted Cruz is a man of his word. He claims to put the needs and the will of the American people before his own ambitions. So, according to Cruz’s own words, anyone with no mathematical path to the nomination, should drop out. Carly Fiorina, a Cruz spokesperson, agrees, saying a contested convention would be a disaster for the GOP. So, is Cruz heeding his own advice and dropping out of race? […]

Cops & Criminals

Muslim’s Shocking Crime With Lotion & Skin Earns Him ‘Buffalo Bill’ Nickname

A New York Muslim man is under arrest after one of the most disgusting incidents. Nicknamed the “Muslim Buffalo Bill” after the character from the movie Silence of the Lambs, his crime involves the same sick issue Buffalo Bill had with “rubbing lotion on the skin.” This is yet another disturbing, sexually based attack by a Muslim, and the details will make your skin crawl. […]


Hannity Blows Up At Cruz, ‘You Gotta STOP, I’m Getting Sick Of This’

Sean Hannity isn’t known for losing his cool and blowing up at a presidential candidate, but that is exactly what happened yesterday on his radio show. Tired of getting the run around on questions that Americans want answered, Hannity cut off Ted Cruz, making it clear that it was time to answer. Hannity is frustrated, like all Americans, and you’ll be cheering that someone is finally holding Cruz’s feet to the fire. […]


Conservative Icon Endorses Trump, Cruz Campaign Targets Her With Dirty Tricks

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, the head of the Eagle Forum, endorsed Donald Trump. What followed was a revolt at Eagle Forum, the conservative organization Schlafly started and is still head of. Eagle Forum carries clout in giving out endorsements, and what happened to the ninety-one-year old Schlafly is so sick, you’ll be in shock at the dirty dealings she has gone through. […]


[VIDEO] Top-Secret Pages Of 9/11 Report, The Shocking Truth Is Coming Out

Many are speculating about the 28 pages of the 9/11 report that are so top-secret, congress members who want to view them must go into a vault type room and vow to keep the secrets contained. Those few who have seen the top-secret pages say Americans have a right to know who’s ultimately responsible for the September 11th attacks. The cover-up is shocking, and 9/11 survivors’ families deserve to know who helped kill their loved ones. […]