‘Fact Checker’ LIES About Trump’s Latest Claim, But Here Are The Facts

Donald Trump’s statements are always being fact checked, but now, one famous fact checker is in the hot seat. Politifact said Trump lied on an issue that is extremely important — crime in America. US Citizens want to know the facts about criminal activity in our country, and you’ll be shocked at the lies being told, all in an effort to make Trump look bad and the Democrats in charge look good. […]

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Trump Blamed For Hate Crime Against Muslim, But There’s A HUGE Problem

When a Muslim woman was viciously attacked while wearing a traditional Islamic head covering at a supermarket, liberal loons thought they struck gold, calling it a hate crime. It gained international attention, and Muslim organizations cried Islamophobia and blamed Donald Trump. Now, the follow-up story of this “hate crime” is being ignored, and it’s all for one reason — one huge problem has been exposed. […]

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Christian Women Fight Back, Secret Weapon Strikes FEAR In Islamic State

A group of Christian women is threatening the Islamic State, and they aren’t messing around. These women know that to defeat bullies you need to call them on their crap and follow through with a plan that strikes fear in their hearts. They possess something that literally scares the hell out of the terrorists, and you’ll be cheering them on as they bring the Islamic State to its knees. […]

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Teen Sex Slave Describes Her Abuse, Rapist’s Mom Encouraged Him In SICK Way

An Islamic State sex slave is exposing the sick bastards who tortured and raped her for over a year, but her story has an even more evil twist than usual. The victim was only 15 years old when she was abducted her from her family and given to a 40-year-old ISIS rapist who was living with his mom. As she recounted her abuse, she revealed the shocking thing that the jihadi’s mom did to cause her son to rape the teen even more. […]

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Christian Convert Defies Muslim Terrorists, One Small Gesture Got Him Killed

Remi Lawson became a martyr for the Christian faith, defying the demands of Muslim terrorists. Although the ex-Muslim did not think so, he was definitely a brave man. His story is one like the thousands we too often hear, but the moment of his death was truly heroic. He could still be alive, but instead he chose to commit one small gesture when Islamic jihadists stormed his town — and it cost him his life. […]

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Christian Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Muslim Rapist, God Trumps Sharia Law

Last year, Shabana Bibi was living in hell after being kidnapped, raped, and forced to marry her Muslim rapist under Sharia law. The devout Christian is finally free her from her forced slavery, and in a shocking turn of events, she’s getting sweet revenge. The young girl got a miracle from God, and the Muslim man got what he deserves in a story that should leave you cheering as good triumphs over evil. […]