Lawmakers Take Drastic Action On Global Warming, First Step In Larger Agenda

The Democrat Party is once again stripping us of our rights, as lawmakers are making it a criminal offense to speak against climate change. As shocking as it sounds, it’s happening in what’s suppose to be the land of free speech. This marks the end of our Republic, if it’s not stopped right away. This is the first step in a much bigger goal, and their ultimate agenda should frighten freedom-loving Americans. […]


[VIDEO] Trump Has Epic Response When Former Mexican President Says ‘Sorry’

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox used expletives in February when he told Donald Trump that he would not pay for a border wall. Only hours after Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee for President, Fox started backtracking and tweeting about the protesters waving the Mexican flag, which is pissing off many Americans. Now, Trump has issued an epic response. […]

Social Issues

No One Would Attend Her Son’s Birthday, So Mom Broke Down On Social Media

Little four-year old Taenon Briannan was looking forward to his birthday party. His mother Rachelle had invited a slew of guests and was ready for the big day, when everyone cancelled. Not wanting her son to know the devastating news, she took to social media, panicking as she related her heartbreaking story. That’s when she got an unexpected response, and it’s getting a lot of attention. […]

Social Issues

SHOCKING: ISIS Leader Living Miles From US Border, Americans In Danger

A shocking new report is flying under the radar of the mainstream media, and it could cost many American lives. An Islamic State operative has set up a base over the border in Mexico, and they are conducting a deadly business with the help of the Mexican drug cartels. This is incredibly dangerous to citizens of the United States, and you’ll be raging mad that the Obama regime is turning a blind eye, compromising our safety. […]


[VIDEO] Hillary Lies To Coal Country, Gets Blasted By Pissed Off Miner

Hillary Clinton is having difficulty keeping her stories straight as she goes from state to state. Back in March, she was screaming about closing coal mines in Ohio, but now she is in West Virginia backtracking from her global warming statements. Hillary got caught in her lies, as a pissed off miner confronted her face to face, and you’ll love watching her squirm. […]


Here’s The Truth About Trump’s Wall That Liberals Don’t Want You To Know

Shocking information from government agencies is turning heads when it comes to the migration of illegal aliens. All of the reports point to the Donald Trump effect, and this is something the Democrats don’t want you to know. Trump isn’t even the official GOP nominee yet, but the far left is freaking out over what illegal aliens are saying about what is going on at the Southern border. […]

Cops & Criminals

Entitled Muslim Criminal Sues “Racist” California Police For “Hate Crime”

Many Americans are getting tired of the ridiculous lawsuits perpetuated by the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). In California, police officers are the latest target of these entitled Muslims, after a woman was arrested for three outstanding warrants during a traffic stop. Now, she has enlisted CAIR to file a lawsuit against the “racist” arresting officers for the supposed “hate crime” perpetuated against her. […]

Social Issues

Angry Germans Show Official What They Think Of His Love Of Refugees [VIDEO]

Germany is on fire, and its citizens are tired of the “refugee crisis,” as Angela Merkel continues her suicidal policy. Scores of Germans are making their voices known, and a shocking video has surfaced. During a May Day rally, the Minister of Justice threatened German citizens because of their opposition to the flood of Muslim migrants, and residents decided to let him know exactly how they felt about it. […]


Shocking Video: Minority Children Disrupt Trump Rally As Parents Cheer

Children were captured in a disturbing video, as they took part in a protest, verbally attacking Donald Trump supporters at a rally. What makes it so shocking is that these children are well-organized, and their language is obviously something they are hearing daily. The display, coming from kids as parents cheer them on, shows the sickness we face as a nation, and it’s likely to have the opposite effect they had hoped for. […]


See Glenn Beck’s Meltdown & Hear Why Longtime Friend Blames ‘Cultish Cruz’

Warning signs that something is very amiss with Glenn Beck continue, as he recently had another meltdown. In the fake Oval Office of his Texas studio, he tried to explain why his company was firing 40 employees, while confessing that he dropped a large sum of money on Ted Cruz’s campaign. Then, things became bizarre as the cameras caught it all. Now, a longtime friend says she can’t watch him anymore and “cultish Cruz” is to blame. […]