Christians Outraged As Lena Dunham Boasts About A Baby She Wants To Kill

Lena Dunham, the disgusting TV star who had a nervous breakdown after Hillary Clinton lost the election, is at it again. Dunham tries to shock conservatives with her warped philosophy about what it means to be progressive, but this time, she has taken it too far. Dunham is dead serious about wanting to kill one baby, and her reasons will make you sick. […]

Cops & Criminals

Sheriff BUSTS Lowlife ‘Queen Of The Grinches,’ Gives Her What She Deserves

You’ve heard of thieves at Christmas time, but a real life “Queen of the Grinches” in Florida takes the cake. She’s a heartless lowlife who did something so utterly despicable, it will leave you speechless. But, never fear, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd busted this real life grinch who tried to steal Christmas from less fortunate kids from all across the country. Now, the grinch is getting what she deserves. […]

Political Opinion

BOOM! Trump’s EPIC Comeback Schools Bill Clinton On ‘Angry White Men’

Bill Clinton decided it was smart to direct a snarky comment towards President-elect Donald Trump about angry white men. Bill must be losing his mind to start a war of one-liners with Trump. The former President got schooled by the man who soundly defeated his wife in this year’s presidential election, and you’re going to love Trump’s epic response to Bill. […]

Political Opinion

Conservative Host Tomi Lahren CONNECTS Obama & Hillary To Unsolved Murder

The mainstream media is refusing to report on the findings of a top National Security Analyst who has gone on the record, exposing the lies that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been spreading about the election. While they try to deceive the American people, conservative host Tomi Lahren connects those lies to a cover-up of an unsolved murder, and this will blow your mind. […]

Social Issues

Muslim Terrorist Murders On LIVE TV, Conspiracy Theory Points To Warmongers

All of this talk of Russian hackers and blaming Russia for everything in the Middle East is a very well thought out strategy. There is a group who did not want Donald Trump in power because they wanted war with Russia. Now, the Russian ambassador was assassinated on live TV by a Turkish policeman who had full access to him, and all of a sudden, the world is closer to World War III. This is history repeating itself. […]

Political Opinion

EXPOSED: Michelle SCREWED Taxpayers, Illegally Giving Our Cash To Daughters

Michelle Obama has some explaining to do. She may be leaving the White House, but that won’t make the fact that she bilked American taxpayers for millions of dollars go away. Newly uncovered classified documents show exactly how Queen Michelle funneled money to her daughters and mother, and you’ll be pissed off to learn how she intends to get off scot-free. […]

Political Opinion

Dying Marine’s Deathbed Message To Trump, This Will Break Your Heart

Dr. Larry Lindsey, a former Marine, delivered a very moving message from his deathbed. Larry fought to stay alive to make sure Donald Trump got elected, and just hours before he passed away this last weekend, his family videoed his final moments where he left a message for Trump. Your heart will break as you learn what Larry had to say about Americans at the very end. […]

Cops & Criminals

Walmart Releases Product Supporting The Murder of Cops & People Are PISSED

As most Americans are shopping for Christmas, Walmart is a popular stop since they are found in most suburban areas and known for low prices, serving families who are trying to save a few bucks. However, some disturbing news about Walmart is making headlines after the retail giant released a new product that supports murdering cops, and if you are like most patriotic Americans, this is going to piss you off. […]

Political Opinion

Judge Jeanine BLASTS Michelle After ‘No Hope’ Remark, Exposing HUGE Lies

Michelle Obama granted a final interview with Oprah Winfrey a few days ago, making headlines with comments about how hopeless the country is now that Donald Trump won the election. Michelle spewed her contempt for Trump voters, and Judge Jeanine Pirro wasn’t going to let her get away with it. Judge Jeanine just went on a tirade, exposing Michelle’s lies in that interview, and you’re going to love this. […]