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‘Monster Vote’ Is Happening, Early Voting Poll Numbers You Can’t Know

For weeks, the mainstream media has pushed a false narrative that Hillary Clinton is so far ahead and this election is over. Luckily, there are some who realized this move is straight out of the leftist playbook and called out the press for what they were up to — lying. No longer can they report Hillary being ahead by double digits. In what’s been dubbed “the monster vote,” here are the poll numbers they do not want you to see. […]

Political Opinion

Hillary Makes SCANDALOUS Stop After Rachel Maddow Breaks Down On LIVE TV

Hillary Clinton is getting desperate and so is her lapdog media now that FBI Director James Comey dropped the bomb, re-opening the email investigation. Crazy happenings have just transpired in the last 24 hours, and you’ll love Hillary’s scandalous stop that’s making it so much worse as Rachel Maddow gets caught having a breakdown on live TV. […]

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Hillary Melts Down Over Weiner In Public, PICS Prove Campaign Is Imploding

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is imploding, and it’s so bad that she was caught having a mini meltdown after her press conference as she tried to explain this new email investigation by the FBI, thanks to Anthony Weiner’s laptop. As Hillary lost it, her campaign was caught red-handed, doing dirty tricks to pictures, and you’ll love just how desperate they have become as they see this election sinking like the Titanic. […]

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SHOCKING: Hillary’s Looking At Disaster & Anthony Weiner’s To Blame

Hillary Clinton just got hit with a huge roadblock by the FBI in her quest for the presidency, and things are looking pretty dire for her campaign and election hopes. However, the Clintons play dirty, and she won’t go down easily. Yet, in a crazy turn of events, it looks like the fall of Hillary Clinton is linked to none other than Anthony Weiner, and what’s been exposed now going to shock the whole world. […]

Cops & Criminals

BREAKING: FBI Drops SHOCKING BOMB On Hillary With 11 Days Left

FBI Director James Comey has just dropped a nuclear bomb on Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and it’s shocking all Americans. After months of investigating Hillary’s illegal server and how she sent classified documents via that server, Comey declined to prosecute. Now, in a shocking turn of events, we learn that Comey just hit Hillary’s campaign hard, and you’ll love what it means for the upcoming election. […]

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Clinton ‘Fixer’ Took DISGUSTING Gay Sex Photos To Stop Hillary Murder Charge

Last week, longtime Hillary Clinton “fixer” Jeff Rovin came out of the shadows after 24 years to expose the dirty deals he took part in for the Clintons, blackmailing and intimidating their enemies. Rovin just dropped another bombshell that you won’t hear about in the mainstream media, exposing how gay photos were used to stop a murder charge against none other than Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. […]

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Trump Supporters Get Last Laugh After Hillary Disrespects Them On Radio Show

Hillary Clinton is once again pandering to the black community as she’s often done, changing who she is depending on who she is talking to. However, just yesterday, she made a wrong move, hitting Donald Trump’s supporters as she told a hip-hop radio show that Trump and his supporters need to do one thing. Unfortunately for her, she quickly learned that she can’t talk trash and get away with it anymore. […]

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Badass Trump Chairwoman SHREDS Michelle & Hillary’s Favorite Spokesman

Donald Trump’s Diversity Chairwoman Brunell Donald-Kyei has been laying waste to anyone who takes her on, and she just shredded one of Michelle Obama’s favorite spokesmen, Brian Benjamin, who now works on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. When it came to the race card, Brunell was lethal, cutting down his every liberal lie. She tore him apart, then kicked him to the curb, as another Michelle and Hillary spokesman bit the dust. […]

Health & Science

Hillary’s Healthcare ‘Fix’ Exposed, Millions Of Americans Will End Up DEAD

Don’t be deceived by Hillary Clinton’s lie that she’ll fix Obamacare. She already tried to fix healthcare in 1994 when President Bill Clinton put her in charge of transforming our healthcare and insurance plans. She called it Hillarycare, and like Obamacare, it failed miserably. Now, her plans for Obamacare have been exposed — along with how millions of Americans will end up dead thanks to her “fix.” […]

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Part 4 Of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Videos Has Americans Asking 1 Question

The fourth part of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas year-long sting operation was just posted today, and it’s shaken Hillary Clinton’s campaign in more ways than one. You’ll be shocked to learn more ways these Democrat thugs attempted to rig our election, taking illegal money and committing serious crimes that all point right back to Hillary. Pissed off Americans are now left asking just one question. […]