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DEADLY: U.S. Water Supply Hacked By Terrorists, Major Cover-Up Going On

A little known incident is coming out in some reports, and it’s looking very deadly. Hoping to fly this information under the radar, the report is on a computer security site, and it says hackers have infiltrated our water supply. Muslim terrorists have often bragged that they will contaminate our water, and doubly frightening are reports that say a deadly cover up is going on, putting all of us at risk. […]

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Top Terrorist Warns Of Apocalyptic Plan ISIS Has For US, Names Locations

In an exclusive radio interview, a top terrorist went on record, warning of secret cells operating within the US, saying Brussels and Paris are nothing compared to the carnage that will befall infiltrated sites all across America. What’s scarier is the apocalyptic plan that the Islamic State has hatched, and Americans need to stay informed, as the infiltrated sites and named locations are places Americans use and visit daily. […]

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Obama Persecutes Little Sisters, Stomping On American Christians

The plight of the Little Sister of the Poor is bringing attention to how Barack Obama wants to squash our First Amendment rights. This is another of Obama’s pet projects before he leaves office, and it’s before the Supreme Court now. What happens to the Little Sisters will become something all Christians need to know, as this case is placing those who believe in Jesus Christ in direct opposition to those who believe government is their God. […]


Anti-Gun Parents Have Fit Over Dad Exercising Rights, Authorities Cross The Line

One particular Michigan dad is a law-abiding citizen and legally carries a gun. He wants no fame and is just exercising his right to keep and bear arms. However, politically correct parents in his Michigan community are causing waves, and they have the authorities overreacting. What happened to this dad is ridiculous, as authorities crossed the line, acting like wimpy whiners making something out of nothing. […]

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Internet Gives Leftist Pundit Verbal Ass Whooping After He Calls Out Christians

A well-known leftist pundit is calling Christians “conspiracy nuts” for their beliefs and for voting based on those beliefs. Obviously this guy has issues, and he makes his case with an air of superiority, showing himself for the bigot he is. Luckily, this leftist idiot is not getting away with calling out Christians, and you’ll love how social media is leaving him with a righteous ass whooping. […]

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[VIDEO] Radical Muslim Leader & Hillary Clinton Share ONE Thing In Common

In the aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks, many on the left are calling for restraint. Hillary Clinton’s speech after Brussels called for the same “moderation,” and it seems she is not alone. One Muslim leader taking a radical stand, and Hillary is in agreement. What they say uncovers the true meaning behind what the left wants, and you’ll be blown away by their hidden agenda to keep terrorism alive and well in the Western world. […]

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[VIDEO] Terrorists Hit Brussels With Coordinated Attacks, Americans Targeted

The Islamic State has struck again. Brussels, home of the European Union and NATO, has been hit in coordinated attacks at an airport and metro subway stations. The death toll is climbing upward, and it’s confirmed that Americans were a target based on the site of the explosions. People on the scene report hearing foreign words and gunshots right before the first bomb exploded, and the all of Europe is on lockdown as the reign of terror is not over. […]

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OUTRAGEOUS: Iran’s Newest Tourist Attraction Pisses On America’s Navy

Iran announced a new tourist attraction that is so insane, its sole purpose is to humiliate our United States Navy. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard are backing the new attraction, hoping to show a perceived weakness in our brave men and woman. Knowing the Obama regime will do nothing to stop it, Iran is announcing to the world they can show us utter contempt with an attraction that will leave you raging, when you learn exactly what these bastards have in mind. […]