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SHOCKING: ISIS Leader Living Miles From US Border, Americans In Danger

A shocking new report is flying under the radar of the mainstream media, and it could cost many American lives. An Islamic State operative has set up a base over the border in Mexico, and they are conducting a deadly business with the help of the Mexican drug cartels. This is incredibly dangerous to citizens of the United States, and you’ll be raging mad that the Obama regime is turning a blind eye, compromising our safety. […]

Cops & Criminals

Entitled Muslim Criminal Sues “Racist” California Police For “Hate Crime”

Many Americans are getting tired of the ridiculous lawsuits perpetuated by the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). In California, police officers are the latest target of these entitled Muslims, after a woman was arrested for three outstanding warrants during a traffic stop. Now, she has enlisted CAIR to file a lawsuit against the “racist” arresting officers for the supposed “hate crime” perpetuated against her. […]

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Angry Germans Show Official What They Think Of His Love Of Refugees [VIDEO]

Germany is on fire, and its citizens are tired of the “refugee crisis,” as Angela Merkel continues her suicidal policy. Scores of Germans are making their voices known, and a shocking video has surfaced. During a May Day rally, the Minister of Justice threatened German citizens because of their opposition to the flood of Muslim migrants, and residents decided to let him know exactly how they felt about it. […]

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[VIDEO] Sharia Courts Springing Up, Activists Give Muslims Dire Warning

Western nations are experiencing many problems with Muslim migrants, including secret Sharia courts springing up all over. However, one group isn’t taking it sitting down. Instead, they sought them out to let them know there’s only one law of the land, and it’s not Sharia. Sick and tired of leftists allowing Islamic culture to take over, these activists confronted the weasels in hiding and gave them a dire warning. […]

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SEE IT: European Leader SHOCKS Muslim World, OUTLAWS Islamic Infiltration

Finally, a leader in Europe is speaking the truth and taking steps to protect their country. With most of Europe sitting on their hands and allowing their countries to become overrun by roving Muslim thugs, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban isn’t taking it anymore. Orban is leading his country back into the light, and you’ll love his new law which is cutting off the Muslim invaders’ heads and leaving them with no way to spread their “religion of peace.” […]

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Michelle Infuriates Christians With 9 Nasty Words At Commencement Speech

Michelle Obama won’t be gone from her throne soon enough, as one video proves. While speaking at a college graduation, she spewed 9 nasty words that infuriated Christians, making it clear that their rights don’t matter. What matters to her are all the alphabet gay terms – lesbians, transgender, queer – and what they want. If Christians don’t go along with what Queen Michelle says, they will face the consequences. […]

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Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Islamophobia’ Law Making Our Speech New Hate Crime

There is a resolution before Congress, backed by far left liberals wanting to condemn “Islamophobia.” This is disastrous for the war on terror and would curtail our free speech. It is trying to create a hate crime for saying anything that could be interpreted as anti-Muslim, and you’ll be extremely pissed off when you see this plan is straight from the playbook of the Muslim Brotherhood. […]