Political Opinion

Final SHOWDOWN, Trump Gets Sweet Revenge As Obama Begs To Save His Legacy

The final showdown between Donald Trump and Barack Obama is playing out, and it’s ironic that it’s Obama who must beg to keep any part of his cherished legacy. Trump has cornered Obama, making him do something most Americans thought they’d never see, and you’ll love how his precious legacy is rejected as Trump gets sweet revenge for all Americans. […]

Political Opinion

GOP Congress Tries Political Trick, Trump Kicks Ass & Stops Them COLD

As Congress gets back to work after the holidays, they thought it would be business as usual. However, they found out quickly that Donald Trump is keeping an eagle eye on them. When they tried a political trick, Trump took action and wasted no time kicking their asses into shape and stopping them cold, reminding them they serve Americans. You’re going to absolutely love this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Top Cop Says Black Lives Matter Murdered 762 in 2016 — One Way To STOP Them

One top cop has come forward with shocking information about Black Lives Matter that will blow your mind. He exposed how Black Lives Matter has murdered 762 in 2016, and unless we act now, these killings will just go on. The truth about Black Lives Matter and their crimes needs to come out, and you’ll be ready to support our police officers and learn the one way to stop these criminals once and for all. […]


After Obama & Rosie Go Into Meltdown Mode & LIE, Trump Slaps Them HARD

Barack Obama and Rosie O’Donnell are in meltdown mode over the upcoming January 20th inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Representing the elite Washington, D.C. liberals and Hollywood far leftists, Obama and Rosie have been spinning lies, and Trump has had enough, slapping them hard with the truth and kicking them in the ass with words that expose how desperate these liberal losers have become. […]

Cops & Criminals

Investigator Found Dead After Exposing New Details On Elite Pedophile Ring

Our nation’s capital is turning out to be the hub of an underground pedophile ring, and with so much misinformation being circulated, it’s easy to dismiss most of it as just hype. However, we’ve uncovered the very real case of one man who has been found dead after openly investigating some of the most powerful politicians in Washington, D.C., and what he found was so damning that it will blow your mind. […]

Political Opinion

Nazi George Soros Evil Video EXPOSED, Declares War On Trump & America

George Soros is pure evil, and he owns all of the high-ranking Democrats like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and, of course, Hillary Clinton. Now that Hillary has failed miserably, every American needs to know the secret plans Soros is currently making as his evil empire strikes back, and we’ve uncovered the one video he has kept hidden as he declares war on Donald Trump and all of America. […]

Political Opinion

Tough As Nails Black Leader Shuts Down Hillary With ONE Epic Word

Brunell Donald-Kyei is a black attorney and former Democrat, who works and lives in Chicago and also happens to be as tough as nails. After voting for Barack Obama twice, she is sick and tired of broken promises. Now, after stepping up and being named Diversity Outreach vice-chair for Donald Trump, Brunell had something to say to Hillary Clinton, shutting down the Democratic candidate with just one word. […]

Political Opinion

Chelsea Clinton’s Arrogance Gets Slapped Down By Bill’s Rape Victim

Chelsea Clinton showed her true colors with a statement to Cosmopolitan on Donald Trump, who held back devastating remarks at Monday night’s debate for her sake. Chelsea comes off like a true Clinton, rude and condescending to Trump, but you’ll love how one woman, who Bill allegedly raped, publically blasted Chelsea, telling the little nitwit off. […]

Social Issues

6 Muslims Gang Rape White Woman, Citizens Send Nasty Surprise

Six Muslim migrants have been identified as suspects in the vicious assault and rape of a 26-year-old mother-of-three who woke up bloodied and bruised in a strange house after her drink was spiked and she was abducted and gang-raped on what should have been an enjoyable night out. Now, as the Muslim migrants await trial, the citizens of the town have sent the rapists a nasty surprise that they’ll never forget. […]