Gangbangin' "Dreamer" Loses it When Ex Asks for Child Support, What He Does Next Will Infuriate You
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Woman Asks Gangbangin’ “Dreamer” For Child Support, But He Has Different Plans

The mainstream media is hard at work, peddling the immigration lobby’s narrative of “loving” illegals crossing the border to “enrich” our nation. However, the people coming in are anything but peaceful. In fact, what one low-life gangbanger did to his ex-girlfriend to avoid paying child support will make you wish that his liberal state still had the death penalty since he had different plans than supporting his child. […]

Maxine Waters Goes On Embarrassing Rant Against Jeff Sessions, Patriots Give Her EPIC Schooling!

Maxine Waters Goes On Embarrassing Rant Against Jeff Sessions, Gets Schooled By Patriots

Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the biggest laughingstock in the political community. She’s on a non-stop tirade against President Donald Trump as a way of distracting from her own long list of scandals. However, when she tried slandering hero Jeff Sessions as a “racist,” patriots showed her how woefully uninformed she really is. To say the Poverty Pimp got schooled is putting it mildly. […]

Americans Send George Soros EPIC Message That Could Put an End to This Terror Sponsor!

Americans Send George Soros EPIC Message That Could Put An End To This Terror Sponsor

Hungarian billionaire George Soros has spent his life amassing power over governments, seeking to turn good countries into socialist garbage dumps. In the US, Soros has used his money to buy politicians and sponsor domestic terrorism. However, Americans have had enough and just sent Soros a powerful message that could put an end to this terror sponsor for good. […]

Karen Pence Says Public Prayer in Flood-Devastated Area, Texans' Response Will Leave You Stunned

Karen Pence Says Prayer in Flood-Devastated Area, Texans’ Response Will Leave You Stunned

In response to the historic destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen flew out to Texas to join in the relief efforts. Amid the labor, “Second Lady” Karen Pence was asked by her husband to offer a public prayer for the affected Americans, and the response from Texas locals was a huge smack in the face to anti-Christian liberals. […]

Trump Receives Amazing News About the Wall, Paul Ryan Is Forced to Eat His Words!

Trump Receives Amazing News About The Wall, Paul Ryan Is Forced To Eat His Words

Building the wall along our porous southern border is President Donald Trump’s signature issue. More than just a necessary measure for national security and law enforcement, the wall is a physical representation of America First. Paul Ryan and the traitors in Congress have done all they can to derail the wall, but Trump just received major news that has “Lyin’ Ryan” trembling as he’s forced to eat his words. […]

Investigators Discover INCRIMINATING Evidence That Can Put Wasserman-Schultz in Jail. This is Big!
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Investigators Uncover Incriminating Evidence, Could Finally Put Wasserman-Schultz In Jail

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) has become the poster child for political corruption. Despised even by her own party, she’s on a fast road to the big house. This new, huge piece of evidence, just uncovered by investigators, is incriminating enough that it could finally put the corrupt congresswoman behind bars — and Debbie does not want you to see it. […]

Nancy Pelosi Makes SHOCKING Antifa Statement, Trump Scores Another Major Win!

Trump Scores Another Major Win As Nancy Pelosi Makes SHOCKING Antifa Statement

This year, Antifa has emerged as the true face of the Democratic Party, using violence and intimidation to silence right-wing voices. The left, as well as establishment Republicans, have long given their consent to this domestic terror group. However, the tide is turning, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just gave President Donald Trump a “yuge” win with her shocking statement on Antifa. […]

Washed-Up Celebrity Supports TWISTED Plot to Remove Trump from Twitter

Washed-Up Celebrity Supports Twisted Plot To Remove Donald Trump From Twitter

One of President Trump’s greatest strengths has been his ability to bypass the liberal media through his use of social media, particularly Twitter. Unsurprisingly, the liberal elites want to silence Trump by forcing him off social media. Now, one has-been celebrity has just lent his support to the latest in a long series of efforts to censor conservative speech, and the lengths these leftists will go to squash our freedom of speech is infuriating. […]

Alert: Obama's Sick "Welcome" Gift to Trump Uncovered, American Lives are in Danger!

ALERT: Obama’s Sick “Welcome” Gift To Trump Uncovered, American Lives In Danger

When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election against all odds, Barack Obama knew the jig was up. His horrendous anti-American legacy would soon be undone. So, he began doing all he could to undermine the incoming Trump administration. Now, many months later, one of Obama’s “welcome” gifts to President Trump has just been discovered, and it will make you furious. American lives are in danger, and here is what you need to know. […]