RINO Jeff Flake Attacks POTUS for Arpaio Pardon. Trump Gets the Last Laugh!

RINO Jeff Flake Attacks POTUS For Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pardon, But Trump Gets Last Laugh

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), one of the biggest #NeverTrumpers in Congress, thought he could score points with his globalist donors and Democrat bedfellows by criticizing President Donald Trump’s pardon of law enforcement hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Only three days later, traitor Flake received a brutal awakening that will have you smiling. You don’t want to miss this. […]

Hero Joe Arpaio Tears John McCain a New One, EXPOSES His Perverse Hypocrisy!

After McCain Bashes Arpaio’s Pardon, Sheriff Joe Has Nasty Surprise For Traitorous Senator

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a living legend. He’s dedicated his life to cleaning up America’s streets from the filth left behind by Democrats. After President Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio for the “crime” of enforcing the law, fake Republicans are up in arms. Unsurprisingly, John McCain (R-AZ) was chief among the critics — a move he likely now regrets after Arpaio just put traitor McCain in his place, revealed the full extent of the Arizona senator’s deviance, and finished him off with a nasty surprise. […]

4 Countries Refuse to Take Back their Deportees. Trump Instantly Makes Them Regret It.

4 Countries Refuse To Take Back Their Deportees, Trump Instantly Makes Them Regret It

Foreign leaders are starting to realize that there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump. Unlike weak-kneed Barack Obama, Trump is willing to play hardball if other countries don’t want to cooperate with us. In fact, when four nations decided to challenge our immigration policy, Trump made them eat their words, showing them why no one messes with the USA. […]

Spread the Word: Pedophile-Linked Leftist Group Hatches VIOLENT Plot Against Patriots!

Pedophile-Linked Leftist Group Hatches VIOLENT Plot Against Patriots, Here’s What We Know

The alt-left is emboldened by the tragic incidents in Charlottesville, Virgina. They believe that they can freely use violence to suppress all conservative speech as long as they label it “Nazism” or “white supremacy.” Unfortunately, they’re not wrong, thanks to the propagandist work of the mainstream media and the support of establishment politicians from both parties. Now, a pedophile-linked far-left militant group is planning a violent assault on patriots and will get away with it unless we spread the truth. Here’s what we know. […]

Abortion Doctor Who Says He "Loves" Killing Babies, Gets EXACTLY What He Deserves
U.S. News

Abortion Doctor Who Said He “Loves” Killing Babies, Just Got EXACTLY What He Deserves

It’s disgusting enough to support the murder of innocent children via abortion, but it takes a really sick mind to become an abortion doctor, killing unborn babies day after day without remorse. Justice finally caught up to one vile abortion doctor who gained a lot of attention when a video of his insanity went viral as he not only said he loved killing babies but threatened a protester with a pair of scissors. Now, pro-life patriots everywhere are cheering as he got exactly what he deserved. […]

ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Robert Lee from UVA Game to Avoid Confusion with Confederate General
U.S. News

After Charlottesville, ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Over 2 Words They Don’t Want You To Hear

Since the tragic incidents that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, the media has gone into full Social Justice Warrior mode, justifying Antifa’s absurd vandalism and violence against American historical sites. But now, ESPN has gone beyond the point of no-return, making a dumb move of epic proportions that has completely blown up in their faces, and it’s all because of two words that they don’t want their viewers to hear. […]

SHOTS FIRED as Two Men Play Real-Life "Fast and the Furious" on Florida Highway
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SHOTS FIRED As Two Men Play Real-Life “Fast And The Furious” On Florida Highway

We all suffer from road rage every now and then, especially when we’re late to work and traffic is frozen to a stop. However, some people take it too far and see getting cut off on the freeway as an opportunity to live out their fantasy of competing in a real-life death race. For two Florida men, a game of “cat and mouse” escalated into a deadly contest, culminating in gunfire. […]

ALERT: Alt-Left Strikes Again, Will Make DISGUSTING Changes to the Jefferson Memorial
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ALERT: Alt-Left Strikes Again, Will Make DISGUSTING Changes to the Jefferson Memorial

The alt-left is on a rampage to rewrite history, and the events at Charlottesville, Virginia, gave them the ammunition needed. Sadly, our leaders are giving the left freedom to alter the past and silence dissenting voices as politicians on both sides turn a blind eye to Antifa violence. As President Donald Trump predicted, the agitators are going beyond Confederate monuments and subverting memorials to our Founding Fathers, starting with Thomas Jefferson, and patriots are rightfully outraged. […]

Evangelist Franklin Graham DESTROYS Islam, Says What RINOs Are too Cowardly to Admit

Evangelist Franklin Graham DESTROYS Islam, Says What RINOs Are Too Cowardly To Admit

The establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle continually turn a blind eye to the biggest existential threat facing America. Democrats and Republicans alike close their eyes and plug their ears to the violence perpetrated by one demographic, and Trump-supporting minister Franklin Graham has had enough. He’s calling out the offender for what it is — and liberals are going berserk. […]