Liberal’s Post About ‘Automatic Assault Rifle Bullets’ Goes VIRAL, Just ONE Issue

Many on the left are clueless when it comes to guns, which is why so many of us gun lovers tend to disregard what they’re saying. Well, a viral Facebook post from one of our loveable liberal friends demonstrates the height of ignorance, and after seeing it, I’m honestly surprised they’re able to survive without supervision.

Soopermexican from the Political Insider came across a post from a user by the name of Petty Crocker, and it’s almost too unbelievable to actually think it’s real. If we are to believe the post, Petty found a bunch of drill bits lying on the ground at a gas station and thinks that they’re “automatic assault rifle bullets.” No really, check out the post below.

Liberal’s Post About ‘Automatic Assault Rifle Bullets’ Goes VIRAL, Just ONE Issue

Here’s what Petty had to say about their “terrifying” find:

Was At the gas station and found these bullets on the ground so I took them home. did some research and found out they’re from an automatic assault rifle. Really?! People make me sick. How are you just gonna let these kinds of things lie around Smdh!

Yeah, it’s really that bad, and to think, this person is actually allowed to vote. But even if this post turns out to be a joke, it underscores a serious problem in the entire gun debate – pure ignorance of firearms leads people to make irrational pleas to lawmakers.

If you can’t even properly identify ammunition, which many calling for stricter gun control can’t, then you certainly have no right to tell me how much and what type of ammunition I’m allowed to have. You know, much like feminists tell men that we have no idea what a woman goes through with her body, so we have no right to tell them what to do with it. Same logic, different debate.

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