WATCH: Baby’s Head Is Too Big For Mom To Deliver, Family Has Sick ‘Solution’ To Her Pain

Disturbing surveillance footage from a hospital has caused an uproar on social media. A petite woman who was 41 weeks pregnant was told by her doctor that her child’s head was too big for her to deliver naturally. The obvious “solution” would have been for her to have a C-section, but the girl’s family had another sick idea.

A woman named Ma endures an excruciating labor. Her child’s head is too large for her to deliver naturally. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

A 26-year-old woman named Ma was 41 weeks pregnant when she went into labor. However, her child’s head was too large for her to deliver vaginally, and she was soon in excruciating pain. Her doctor recommended a cesarean, and Ma was more than ready to undergo the procedure at the hospital in China, as her small frame could not birth the child naturally. Sadly, though, she would never be allowed to undergo the operation.

According to Daily Mail, in China, a woman’s family must consent before she undergoes a C-section. She cannot make the decision on her own. Ma’s family wanted her to give birth naturally, so they refused to allow her to have the operation, ignoring the advice of doctors who said that her child’s head was too large for her to deliver naturally.

“The pregnant woman twice walked out of the ward to tell her family that she wanted a caesarean because she could no longer bear the pain, but the family continued to insist on a natural delivery,” read Ma’s medical notes. However, even after she asked her family several times to allow her to have a C-section, as she was in such severe pain that she could not even stand, they refused to consent. The consequences were devastating.

Ma was captured on surveillance footage from the hospital collapsing on the floor in agony. The video is difficult to watch, as it shows the expectant mother in such severe pain. It is also disturbing because it is the last footage of Ma before she jumped out of a fifth story window to her death, unable to stand the pain any longer.

Shocking footage shows the 26-year-old woman, whose surname is Ma, pleading for a caesarean after her baby’s head, which was too large for a natural delivery, caused her intense pain.

Just hours later, the woman reportedly killed herself when her family, who under Chinese law had to give permission, refused her surgery. [Source: Metro]

Obviously, it is incredibly dangerous, not only for the mother but for her unborn child, to allow a third party to dictate her medical decisions, especially when those medical decisions are against the advice of a doctor.

At the rate disturbing incidents like this one unfold, it’s unthinkable that anyone would champion government-run health care. However, there seems to be no shortage of progressive-thinking liberals who would like to turn our own health care system into something which more closely resembles the disaster in China.

The woman who jumped to her death did so because the government prevented her from making her own medical decisions. Shouldn’t the feminists be all over this one? They love to run their mouth about a woman’s body being hers to control. They also champion socialized medicine, though, so I suppose this one’s a bit of a predicament for them.

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