Baby On Hospital Ventilator After What Man Rammed Down Child’s Throat, Now Two Are In Jail

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A South Carolina infant is in the hospital today after having major surgery and being placed on a ventilator. As it turns out, the horrific ordeal all stems from what a man decided to ram down the baby’s throat while no one was looking – and now, two people are rightfully behind bars.

Ricardo Perez Salas (left), stock image for visual representation (center), Celeste Paulina Marroquin (right)

The incident began back on June 10th inside a Greenville, South Carolina, home belonging to Celeste Paulina Marroquin and Ricardo Perez Salas. Despite the fact that the 23-year-old man had a restraining order against him in order to protect the infant and, presumably, the woman, he was in the home where he wasn’t supposed to be.

Although it’s unclear what he did in the past to warrant the Department of Social Services issuing such an order, one thing is clear, this isn’t a man you would want near your baby. In fact, he proved just that with what he did to the infant to stop it from crying.

According to Crime Watch Daily, when the baby started crying, Salas put his finger down the throat of the child for an extended period of time, causing damage. Making matters worse, the two tried to cover it up, refusing to get the child medical attention for several days.

After the baby had suffered in agony for three whole days, the disgusting duo finally brought the child to the hospital where the extent of the injuries was learned. Medical reports indicate that the baby had suffered “severe oral trauma,” meaning that Salas was extremely rough in trying to silence the child.

Sadly, the baby was placed on a ventilator in order to ensure that the infant was kept breathing as the abuse was almost too much for the baby to handle. Of course, once the infant was stabilized, doctors were able to perform emergency surgery in order to repair the damage.

Fortunately, the baby is expected to survive, but things were far from over. As one would imagine, police were called by hospital staff to inform them about what had happened. Once they arrived at the hospital, officers took Marroquin and Salas into custody.

Celeste Paulina Marroquin, 20 – Charged with 2 counts of Unlawful Neglect of a child – $20,000 bond.

Ricardo Perez Salas, 23 – Charged with Child abuse and Unlawful Neglect of a Child – No bond. [Source: KRON 4]

When it comes down to it, this mother should be charged with the same exact crimes as the man is here. There was a DSS order of protection against this man for a reason – to keep that baby safe. However, Marroquin chose to ignore it and let him inside their home where he abused the child to the point of needing surgery.

There really is no room on this planet for scum like this, and hopefully, they’ll get exactly what they deserve in prison. After all, we know how inmates treat those who target children – and my guess is, Salas isn’t going to like it when the tables are turned and a grown man tries to involuntarily shove something down this punk’s throat.