Baby Gets Sick, Mom STUNNED After Learning What Was In Her Breast Milk

Experts have been adamant about the benefits of breast milk for years. However, after a baby in Arkansas got sick, her mother quickly noticed some changes in the milk she expressed. After doing a bit of research, she was left stunned after she learned what was in her breast milk.

Baby Gets Sick, Mom STUNNED After Learning What Was In Her Breast Milk
Mallory and her daughter (Image Source: Facebook)

Mallory Smothers has been breastfeeding her daughter since birth. However, around Valentine’s Day, the young child became sick, “congested, irritable and sneezing A LOT.” Assuming it was a common cold, the mother just went about as normal and continued feeding her daughter every two hours and hadn’t noticed any changes with her own body. However, when she awoke the next morning, she grew concerned after she noticed an alarmingly different color to her breast milk.

Baby Gets Sick, Mom STUNNED After Learning What Was In Her Breast Milk
The white breast milk and the yellow colored breast milk (Image Source: The Sun)

After comparing the new bag of expressed breast milk to an older one, she was left stunned at the striking difference in color. The older bag was nearly white and the new bag had an obvious yellow tone. The yellow breast milk resembles colostrum “or ‘liquid gold’ mothers produce in the first few days after having a baby and that experts believe contains antibodies to help fight illness and infection,” according to Yahoo News.

After putting two-and-two together, Mallory realized that her breast milk had adapted to her baby’s needs and began providing antibodies and leukocytes to help her sick baby become healthy again. Obviously stunned to witness her body’s response to her child, Mallory posted her findings on her Facebook page to share her experience with her friends and family, and it has since gone viral.

“I read an article from a medical journal not too long ago about how Mom’s milk changes to tailor baby’s needs in more ways than just caloric intake,” Mallory’s Facebook post began. “So this doctor discusses that when a baby nurses, it creates a vacuum in which the infant’s saliva sneaks into the mother’s nipple. There, it is believed that mammary gland receptors interpret the ‘baby spit backwash’ for bacteria and viruses and, if they detect something amiss (i.e., the baby is sick or fighting off an infection), Mom’s body will actually change the milk’s immunological composition, tailoring it to the baby’s particular pathogens by producing customized antibodies.”

After continuing to explain how her daughter had gotten sick during the night, she proudly admitted that she was impressed with how her body responded to her daughter’s illness. “Pretty awesome huh?!” Mallory said. “The human body never ceases to amaze me.”

Baby Gets Sick, Mom STUNNED After Learning What Was In Her Breast Milk
The Smothers Family

Motherhood is an amazing part of life, and being able to breastfeed and witness firsthand how your body adapts to your growing baby is remarkable. Breastfeeding can be a daunting task, and mothers often don’t get the credit they deserve. Mallory and every other woman who has or is currently tackling life as a mom needs to know one thing – you truly are the closest thing to a superhero.

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