Baby Started Convulsing In Restaurant, Then Mom Saw What Nearby Teen Did

Baby Starts Convulsing In Restaurant, Then Mom Sees What Teen Did To Her
Chick-Fil-A in Delaware, Theresa’lyn Outten (inset)

While having some lunch alone with her 18-month-old inside a Delaware Chick-fil-A, the baby girl began convulsing out of the blue as she was suddenly unable to breathe. Since she hadn’t put food in her mouth, the frantic mom didn’t know what was happening to her child when she saw what a nearby teen did.

A group of teens from Smyrna High School in Dover were sitting near the mom and baby girl, seemingly enjoying their meal like she was. She had never seen these people before nor knew anything about them, and now she’s left with a lot of question about why one of the girls in the group, Theresa’lyn Outten, did what she did.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the 18-month-old stopped breathing for no apparent reason, sending her mom into panic-mode. She was desperate for life-saving help for her child. Outten had been taking CPR classes at her high school and was allegedly eager to use what she had practiced on a doll when she said that she was able to put her skills to work in this emergency.

The teen told reporters after the incident that while she was performing chest compressions on the little girl, she screamed out for someone to call 911. She told NBC 10 that her efforts had revived the child who was awake and alert by the time the ambulance came, and the parents thanked her for her heroism before heading to the hospital with their baby. However, within a few days of the incident and telling reporters about the life-saving part she played, the Smyrna School District began to question her heroism.

In a statement, school officials address the student’s claim saying, “The Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016 news story about a Smyrna student quickly took on a life of its own without the school district’s opportunity to check the facts,” the message began. “While our student reportedly helped in a situation in a Chik-Fil-A restaurant the facts differ from what was reported. This is all we can say at this time.”

While no details about why they doubt what Outten did or didn’t do weren’t revealed, the inaccuracies must have been substantial enough to publicly accuse her of being dishonest about it. It would be pretty obvious if the teen had physically performed CPR on this baby and would have definitely been appreciated by the parents who would certainly come to the teen’s defense. Since they haven’t and there appears to be inconsistencies between what she said and what was reported by other witnesses, perhaps this is a case of a kid hoping she had used what she was currently learning in school, and didn’t, but still wanted attention for it as if she had.