Bad News For Sasha After Being Caught, Turns Out She’s Worse Than Malia

Bad News For Sasha After Being Caught, Turns Out She's Worse Than Malia
Malia Obama (left), Sasha Obama (right)

With all of the attention on her older sister’s partying, fifteen-year-old Sasha Obama has enjoyed flying under the radar with only flattering media coverage showing her couple hour stint on a summer job. Perhaps that facade was a public relations ploy to cover up what was inevitably going to leak since it turns out that Sasha’s worse than Malia Obama.

Since the day Sasha’s older sister became an adult and found her freedom out of high school, the party for this presidential daughter hasn’t seemed to stop. From being caught smoking pot at concerts, twerking with little clothing on, and busted by police at a house party, Barack Obama’s eldest daughter has had a busy summer before heading off to college. Meanwhile, it seems like her little sister has been watching and doesn’t just want to follow in her footsteps, but perhaps hopes to step it up a notch as seems to be the case in recently leaked photos.

Radar online seems to keep a closer eye on the “Bush twins 2.0” than Barack and Michelle do. The news source just revealed that Sasha has just had her very first scandal as shocking photos of the debauchery just emerged online. At just 15-years-old, six years short of the legal drinking age, Sasha was reportedly seen at a house party surrounded by beer cans and red plastic party cups. It’s doubtful that the quintessential red barware was used for good ‘ol fashioned punch as the low-grade beer near them pretty much paints what the night entailed, along with the photo’s caption.

The photos appeared online Saturday night, October 1, with the description, “Taking shots with Sasha Obama” and another that said, “When Sasha Obama is at your party.” Although the website has yet to release the photos to the public, Sasha is reportedly seen wearing tight white jeans and a cropped gray top that shows her black bra.

While the excuse is always that “kids will be kids and many will experiment,” the problem is that the same justification for bad behavior was never said about the Bush twins when they were “just being kids.” What makes this worse, is that Sasha is just 15-year-old. Although it’s not confirmed what age Malia’s partying began, the majority of it came out after turning 18. Maybe this is what Michelle Obama wanted when she started hosting parties for rappers and their wives at the White House.

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