Bold Fans Unveil 100-Ft Banner At Sporting Event That Has Muslims FUMING

In the wake of Islamization and the stealth jihad takeover of the West through Muslim migration, Christians and conservatives are standing up to defend culture and freedom at the most unlikely of places.

At a major sporting event, passionate Christian and conservative fans unveiled two massive banners to tell both leftists and Muslims exactly where they stand.

In protest of the liberal policies regarding Muslim migration, Polish soccer fans first rolled out a gigantic 50-ft x 75-ft banner that depicts a flotilla of Muslim invaders approaching Europe, only to be met by a defender wearing the cross of St. George and armed with a sword and shield, Breitbart reports.

Bold Fans Unveil 100-Ft Banner At Sporting Event That Has Muslims FUMING

Scrawled across the top reads “While Europe Is Flooded With An Islamic Plaque,” reminiscent of the Crusades, which were in response to centuries of catastrophic Muslim conquests.

Below the depiction, a 100-ft banner was unveiled, which reads “Let Us Stand In Defense Of Christianity.”

The banners were on display at the Miejski Wroclaw stadium, well-known for politically active supporters. Banners with anti-Communist messages have also been on display at Wroclaw soccer club games, but none have captured the fury of the liberal left as their anti-jihad demonstrations.

Bold Fans Unveil 100-Ft Banner At Sporting Event That Has Muslims FUMING
Two female fans proudly display a banner against ISIS, Islam, and the Islamization of Poland.
Bold Fans Unveil 100-Ft Banner At Sporting Event That Has Muslims FUMING
Leftists were outraged at a banner mocking jihad during the 2012 soccer season.

Poland has often been accused of having anti-Islam sentiment, especially during the Syrian refugee crisis. The country of 38 million only agreed to allow 7,000 refugees in over the next two years.

However, while leftists criticize Poland’s dismissive attitude, Poland has an idea of what would happen if they opened their borders like their neighbor Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is collapsing Germany’s economy by burdening taxpayers with at least 1 million refugees this year. Because of her leftist policies, her nation is now on the brink of civil war.

As Europe welcomes in hordes of Muslim migrants, terror, pedophilia, and rape have skyrocketed. Because of their open borders, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world. Denmark is facing the financial burden of 70 percent of refugees who refuse to get jobs.

The more migrants are imported, the more crime, unemployment, and terrorism rise in the West. European countries are in danger of repeating the historical Muslim conquests, and once again becoming Islamic countries.

However, as long as there are brave souls who refuse political correctness in the face of jihad, there is still hope for the West.

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