After Barack & Michelle Leave Harvard, Malia ‘Harassed’ Over What She Refused To Do

Malia Obama’s new chapter at Harvard University has gotten off to a rocky start. First, mommy and daddy were forced to come to her aid when she required their clout to ensure that she would not have to share a dorm room with any of the lower profile students. Now, the former first daughter is reportedly being “harassed” over what she is refusing to do now.

Barack and Michelle Obama leave Harvard University after getting their daughter settled in (left), Malia Obama is caught on camera leaving a salad shop in Harvard Square (right). (Photo Credit: B. Scott/Twitter, Screengrab/TMZ)

Malia officially moved into her new digs at Harvard this week after taking a “gap year” from school. This so-called “gap year” is the newest trend among the rich and famous who have the resources and status to basically take a year-long vacation from their studies right after graduating from high school and before beginning their college career.

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Of course, something like this is unthinkable to average Americans like you and me, but not for elites like Malia Obama. Your Regular Joe could never afford to take a year-long vacation. Heck, your Regular Joe probably can’t afford to go to Harvard, either, unless they’re lucky enough to get a scholarship. If that’s the case, you’d surely see their butt in class the very first semester after graduating from high school, not off galavanting around the world for an entire year.

But, Malia Obama is “special,” as evidenced by the private dorm room she was afforded, while all of the other freshmen will have between three and six roommates a piece. Indeed, as soon as she found out she might have to share a room with other students, Malia called up Barack and Michelle to come to her rescue and ensure that she would have her own luxury housing, private and separate from her peers. As if this weren’t irksome enough, what Malia did next is even more sickening.

Apparently, Malia is willing to pull the celebrity card when she wants something, like a private dorm room, but she wants nothing to do with the notoriety when she isn’t getting anything out of it.

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According to Chicks on the Right, on Saturday, Malia was grabbing a bite to eat with one of her friends in Harvard Square, when an elderly woman approached her and politely asked if she would take a photograph with her for her granddaughter. Malia refused to take a picture with the grandmother, like an entitled little brat.

Although Malia callously turned down her request, knowing how much her granddaughter would love to have a picture of the former first daughter, the unnamed grandmother decided that she would just bring her granddaughter a picture of Malia alone. The grandmother waited for Malia to exit the salad shop where she was grabbing lunch and then took a picture of her, but when Malia saw this, she was livid. “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?” she asked the grandma rudely.

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It’s difficult to watch this video of Malia, obtained by TMZ, without her coming off as anything other than an entitled princess who is entirely ungrateful for all the opportunity that she has been offered without earning a lick of it. She uses her celebrity status when she wants her own dorm room, but she won’t take a picture with a grandma for some poor little girl who will actually have to work if she ever wants to get into college. Kind of makes you a little angry, doesn’t it?

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