Barack & Michelle Panic As Dark Dirty Secret They Hid About Malia’s Gap Year Comes Out

Barack and Michelle Obama have dispatched their celebrity friends to cover-up a dark dirty secret about daughter Malia Obama’s gap year that is coming back to haunt them. In fact, Oprah’s best friend, Gayle King, the host of CBS This Morning, just freaked out after one guest started to let the secret slip out on live TV. King immediately cut her off, even though the evidence against the Obamas is overwhelming. You don’t want to miss this.

Malia Obama covers her face as she arrives at work for Harvey Weinstein (left & middle), Michelle Obama appearing angry at Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Radar Online/Twitter)

As more details about the Harvey Weinstein case come out, one thing that is crystal clear is that everyone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein’s sick predatory behavior toward young women. This is a PR disaster for the Obamas who are trying to make money by writing their “tell-all” memoirs since many are left wondering what kind of parents send their 17-year-old daughter into the clutches of evil.

Of course, they knew, and it’s that dark dirty secret that they are frantically trying to cover-up. Gail King, Oprah’s best buddy and co-host of CBS This Morning, sat nervously as one reporter was divulging the facts about how everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein and his disgusting behavior. Gayle King was left looking like a complete idiot as she lied through her teeth about the Obamas, claiming they did not know about Weinstein’s sick behavior.

Daily Mail reports, “It was while they were going to break that guest host Bianna Golodryga, who was filling in for Norah O’Donnell, simply mentioned the fact that Malia Obama had interned for Weinstein. That caused King to quickly announce that the Obamas did not know, despite not having a concrete evidence to confirm that fact.”

“I think the question stands who protected Harvey Weinstein, who protected the women. Did the women feel they could speak up? Would anybody believe them?” asked CBS News contributor and New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor at the close of the segment, as Golodryga pointed out, “Don’t forget the Obamas’ daughter interned for him this last summer.

Then, as host Golodryga said “thank you” to Kantor for appearing and remarked what great reporting she had done, King cut her off to say, “If they would have suspected this, they would have never done it.”

Oh, really? Let’s see, besides the fact that numerous reporters have come forward saying they were silenced for years by Weinstein, people like Fox contributor Laura Ingraham had also heard all the gossip and rumors. We are to believe that Barack Obama, with the type of security clearance needed for a First Daughter to go to work somewhere, had no clue Weinstein was a known sexual predator? That makes no sense at all. He was the President of the United States at the time, of course, he and Michelle knew all about Weinstein’s sick deeds and sent Malia on her merry way.

So, then, the question becomes, how bad was this Weinstein guy? Listen to Weinstein with model Ambra Battilana:

This is such a bombshell, even more so than any other Democratic politician who took tons of money from Weinstein. Barack Obama knew about Weinstein, sent his daughter to work there with that sick man, and continued to take money from him. Remember, Gayle King, looking panicked, made sure she cut off the other host mid-sentence to say, “If they [the Obamas] would have suspected this, they would have never done it [let Malia work for Weinstein].”

Why would King put her own reputation on the line and, on live TV, blurt out something she must know is not true? Because now rape allegations are coming out. Reporters are now on the record saying Weinstein physically abused them, which if Obama had a detailed file on Weinstein, which he did as his daughter was going to work there, then he sold out his own daughter to Weinstein. You have got to ask, what does Weinstein have on Obama? He visited him at the White House numerous times.

“In the wake of Thursday’s exposé, multiple high-profile journalists reported their own attempts over decades to break the story. On The Cut, Rebecca Traister wrote that in 2000, while covering a pre-election party Weinstein was throwing, Weinstein called her a ‘c–t’ in response to a question he didn’t like, then threw another reporter down a flight of stairs and dragged him outside in a headlock. Such was Weinstein’s power, Traister wrote, that no other reporters covered the incident and no photos ever appeared,” reported The New York Post.

Something very wrong is going on here. No parent in their right mind would send their beloved daughter anywhere near this character. What did Weinstein have on the Obamas? Why are the Obamas having Gayle King cover for them? This may be why Malia Obama was acting out so badly over the last few months. The Hollywood crowd covered for this monster. Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Stephen Colbert, Rosie O’Donnell, and Hillary Clinton all looked the other way.

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