Barack & Michelle Furious After Trump Gets Nominated For Award Obama Covets Most

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Barack and Michelle Obama are furious. It seems the former First Couple are finding it inconceivable that President Donald Trump has been nominated for the award Barack covets the most. In fact, all over Capitol Hill, Democratic heads are exploding as the Trump administration breaks out the champagne. You’ll love this.

Barack Obama (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Michelle Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Riccardo S. Savi/WireImage/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images, JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages)

You could hear the collective left’s scream of “No, not Trump” throughout the beltway of Washington, D.C., this afternoon as Trump supporters popped open bottles of champagne. Yes, Donald Trump has been officially nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace. 

The Daily Caller reports, “Two Norwegian lawmakers representing the populist party in the country’s legislature have nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”

They add, “The lawmakers told their local media that Trump has ‘taken a huge and important step in the direction of the disarmament, peace, and reconciliation between North and South Korea.’ The nomination comes after Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway took a swipe at former President Barack Obama’s own Nobel Peace Prize saying ‘look, the last president was handed Nobel Peace Prize. This president is actually going to earn it.’

In case you missed it, Trump and his staff put together a video which the president played for Kim Jong-un on his Apple iPad. Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist, predicted early on that Trump would win the presidency, and he weighed in on this video. Adams is also an expert on persuasion, and he noted that this video was genius at showing the North Korean dictator “history evolves, it doesn’t have to repeat itself.”

Adams stated, “The satellite image of South Korea with all the lights on next to North Korea completely in the dark at the beginning, to the big moment where all at once you see the dark Noth Korea light up, is especially moving.”

Of course, the Obamas “couldn’t be reached for comment,” but we know what that means. There is no doubt Barack and Michelle see this news as nothing short of disastrous. Trump has rolled back most of Obama’s so-called accomplishments, destroying his legacy. He has also gotten rid of the former president’s strangling regulations on business, and Obamacare is on life support.

Certain Obama insiders, like those in the mainstream media, have issued statements reflecting Barack and Michelle’s fury over the possibility of Trump taking home the Nobel Prize for Peace. CBS News reported, “Donald Trump, our frequently offensive, quite possibly bigoted, scattershot, ill-tempered, and characterologically deficient president. Will his sentence be that he brought peace to Korea, forestalled a nuclear conflict, and won a Nobel Peace Prize in the process?”

Well, why did Obama get the Nobel Prize for Peace? What huge accomplishment did he achieve to win one of the most coveted prizes in the world? Nothing. In fact, the Nobel secretary went on the record in 2015 saying he deeply regretted awarding it to the former president.

The BBC reports, “Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama in 2009 failed to achieve what the committee hoped it would, its ex-secretary has said. Geir Lundestad told the AP news agency that the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr. Obama.”

They add, “Instead, the decision was met with criticism in the US. Many argued he had not had any impact worthy of the award. Mr. Lundestad, writing in his memoir, Secretary of Peace, said even Mr. Obama himself had been surprised.”

“No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama,” Mr. Lundestad writes. “Even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake,” he says. “In that sense, the committee didn’t achieve what it had hoped for.”

So, they gave it to Obama hoping he would actually do something during his presidency to warrant it. Just like so many things in Obama’s life, he was given something without paying his dues. His entire political career was the same. He was a “Community Organizer” from Chicago and became a U.S. Senator. After only two years in the Senate, the radical left pegged him as their shining star.

Wow, talk about someone with zero job experience getting tapped to be the leader of the free world. No wonder he ignored North Korea as they grew their nuclear program. He was too busy kissing the butts of the Iranian regime.

The Obamas are fuming along with the leftist media, who have been running around with their hair on fire over Trump sitting down with Kim Jong-un. No matter what the president does, it’s wrong in their eyes.

Well, since Obama did nothing to get the Nobel Prize for Peace, maybe its high time the liberals shut up and stop whining about Trump. For over 25 years, the United States allowed the Kim regime to go forward unabated to the point we are now at, and it was Obama who told Trump after he won the presidency, “Your biggest problem will be North Korea.”

President Trump has shown the world he isn’t afraid to tackle a murderous regime who now has nuclear capabilities. He didn’t create the problem, but he is doing all he can to fix it. Just imagine Adolf Hitler with nuclear weapons. That’s the very real danger Trump sees, and those who nominated him for the Nobel Prize for Peace recognize he’s willing to go the distance to save the world.

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