“Kill Whitey”: Barack Obama’s Gay Portrait Painter Shows True Colors With Racist Admission

Former President Barack Obama’s new portrait demonstrates how art imitates real life after he got painted as a classless jerk by an artist who made a racist admission. You don’t want to miss this.

Kehinde Wiley (left), Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credits: Twitter/Kehinde Wiley, YouTube/CBS This Morning)

American patriots have another reason to be thankful that Barack Obama is no longer President after his gay black portrait painter, Kehinde Wiley, became a national embarrassment with a shocking racist admission about “kill whitey.” Just when you thought Obama couldn’t stoop any lower, he shocks us all.

Kehinde Wiley was covered in a glowing piece in New York Magazine, back in April 2012, featuring the artist’s work and supposedly demonstrating his “global reach.” The article which was titled “Outsource To China” includes a segment where Wiley is asked about an anti-white painting in his studio. His response was shocking and absent of moral fiber. To spite Americans one last time, this is the man Obama chose to paint his portrait.

In a soaring studio on the outskirts of Beijing, where Kehinde Wiley came in 2006 to set up the first of his several global production outposts, the 35-year-old painter is showing off his women. Most of them are still incomplete—their faces need touching up, their gowns (custom-designed for his models by Givenchy) lack texture. But one already stands out: a tall, elegant black woman in a long blue dress—the canvas is enormous, eight feet by ten feet—calmly staring down the viewer. In one hand, she holds a knife. In the other, a cleanly severed brunette female head. “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley says. […]

That unabashed bombast has made Wiley a walking superlative: the most successful black artist since Basquiat, possibly the wealthiest painter of his generation, certainly the one who made his name earliest (he was 26 for his first major solo show), a gay man who has become the great painter of machismo for the swag era, a bootstrapper from South Central who talks like a Yale professor (much of the time), a genius self-­promoter who’s managed to have it both ways in an art world that loves having its critical cake and eating the spectacle of it, too, and a crossover phenomenon who is at once the hip-hop world’s favorite fine artist (Spike Lee and LL Cool J own pieces) and the gallery world’s most popular hip-hop ambassador. Not to mention an all-around positive guy. [Source: New York Magazine]

I wonder how Wiley’s work would have been received if his painting depicted an elegant white woman in a long blue dress with a knife in one hand and the severed head of a black woman in the other hand? I think there would be a little outrage, but because Wiley is a gay black artist with a visceral hate for white people, the mainstream media adores him. No hypocrisy there, right?

It’s not shocking that even after eight years of embarrassing buffoonery in the White House, Barack Obama continues to bring shame to our country. He could have at least commissioned an artist who does his own work. That’s right. A new report from The Gateway Pundit is shedding some light on one subject that Wiley is quick to hide. He doesn’t paint his own work.

Although the puff piece done by New York Magazine in 2012 was intended to make Wiley look good, it also exposed one of Wiley’s lesser known secrets. When NY Mag’s writer started to ask Wiley about his use of assistants to create his paintings, he became extremely defensive.

There’s nothing new about artists using assistants—everyone from Michelangelo to Jeff Koons has employed teams of helpers, with varying degrees of irony and pride—but Wiley gets uncomfortable discussing the subject. “I’m sensitive to it,” he says. When I first arrived at his Beijing studio, the assistants had left, and he made me delete the iPhone snapshots I’d taken of the empty space. It’s not that he wants people to believe every brushstroke is his, he says. That they aren’t is public ­knowledge. It’s just a question of boundaries. “I don’t want you to know every aspect of where my hand starts and ends, or how many layers go underneath the skin, or how I got that glow to happen,” he says. “It’s the secret sauce! Get out of my kitchen!” [Source: New York Magazine]

It seems that Obama’s master painter is not a master at all. How quaint, a wannabe leader using a wannabe artist. Arguably, Wiley has only been propped up because he’s a gay black artist who hates white people. This final chapter in Barack Obama’s tale can be added to his legacy of corruption and failure. History will remember him and his “artist” as cheap con-men.

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