Barack Obama Is Back With His ‘Biggest Public Move Since Leaving Office’

Obama Is Back With His 'Biggest Public Move Since Leaving Office' 1
Pictured: Former President Barack Obama on vacation (left), President Donald Trump (right)

After eight long years, we have enjoyed the absence of Barack Obama in the public eye over the last few months as he chose to vacation with the rich and famous. Unfortunately, the former president is back, and his actions and plans are more disgusting than you might think.

Speaking of Obama’s reemergence into public life, Red State Watcher calls it, “His Biggest Move Since Leaving Office.” The former president is set to address the public for the first time in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

It is no surprise to learn that Obama plans to meet with young people on “community organizing and civic engagement,” as reported by The Hill. We all know that “community organizing and civic engagement” are liberal-speak for paid protests, riotous rallies, and false flags that are meant to drain our attention while wealthy, liberal elites make money and further their agenda.

Barack Obama’s staff described the upcoming appearance at a town hall-style discussion at the University of Chicago in a statement that said, “This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world.”

Supposedly, Obama will not use his time to attack sitting President Donald Trump. Of course, no one truly believes that Obama will refrain from going after Trump and his policies. In truth, with the Democrat Party in shambles, Obama is likely the biggest star they are to have in their ranks for some time.

“It’s not in anyone’s interest … for [Obama] to become the face of the resistance or narrate the Trump presidency,” one person said earlier this month. “He’s acutely aware that when he speaks, he sucks up all the oxygen, and that suppresses the next generation of leaders from rising.”

Obama has indirectly gone after Trump on several occasions, issuing statements praising protests against his travel ban and defending the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans attempted to repeal last month. [Source:  The Hill]

It is also important to note that Obama’s group, Organizing For Action (OFA), is gearing up for battle as well. NBC News reports, “OFA has hired 14 field organizers in states home to key senators as part of its campaign to defend Obama’s signature healthcare law. To run that campaign, the group hired Saumya Narechania — the former national field director at Enroll America, which worked to sign people up for Obamacare — and a deputy campaign manager.”

Had Hillary Clinton won the election, it was anticipated that OFA would slowly dissolve. However, with Donald Trump in the White House, their plans have clearly changed.

We know what to expect from left-wing activist groups like OFA, especially with Barack Obama working both at the forefront and behind the scenes. They will stir up trouble, defame police officers, and demonize anyone who opposes their Marxist agenda. Only time will tell whether their efforts have any effect on Trump, but I believe that Obama’s time has passed and that Trump presides over a new era. It is unlikely that Obama and his cronies will alter their playbook. It will be good for all of us if their tired rhetoric is retired once-and-for-all into the history books.

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