Barack Obama’s Gasoline Tax Funds International Green Slush Fund

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The communist who just inked a deal with the UN to mandate his profiteering “green” energy climate con job around the world is following up with the means to make gasoline more expensive and to fund his green energy slush fund. Now, Barack Obama is about to force us to subsidize his piracy to the tune of a $10 per barrel oil tax.

How lucky Obama is that the price of oil is down at just the time he planned to slip what would otherwise be a controversial tax through on the American people. We’ll hardly notice it now, and once prices return to the old normal, as they surely will, the tax will be part of the new old normal. Obama’s green energy scam will have its mega slush fund permanently entrenched.

It’s almost as if this oil tax was a scripted, anticipatory GOP concession to the demands of dictator Obama. As it turns out, the supposed sole victory for Republicans is now just a delayed mega-funding coup for Obama. No wonder John Boehner was in tears and decided it was better to quit. than to go down in history with his name attached to this sack of Obamanure.

Obama speaks with some authority, predicting that gas prices will be low for the foreseeable future, but that they will go back up. He’s anxious to capitalize on the fluctuations and accelerate a transition to a “clean energy economy,” the kind that he spelled out in both the UN climate agreement and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Agreement. The ink for both is barely dry. In fact, the climate con job still must be signed on “Earth Day,” April 22nd.

As is typical, Obama lies, saying that the oil companies got a “significant benefit in the omnibus when ‘we allowed’ them for the first time to export oil.” Why anybody believes a single word that comes out of the septic hole on this guy’s face defies reason. What actually occurred, as is stated in this quote from Bloomberg, was the end of “a 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports.” Prior to that ill-advised restriction America was a key player in the oil business and our economy was booming. Now that Obama is killing oil, it apparently doesn’t matter so much. It’s still worth lying about, but for Obama, what isn’t?

His green energy slush fund tax will also be levied on imported oil, so he gets his cut in either direction, and the American people still get nailed on gasoline imports. Probably he’s going to charge us on domestic oil we consume as well. He’s just lying about that part right now.

Obama lists the possible uses for his new income, saying some of that revenue can be used for transportation, basic research, and technology that will be needed for the energy sources of the future. None of those are the domain of government and all of them are itemized components of the global government wealth redistribution under Agenda 2030. How appropriate that he cited a period of ten to twenty years from now as the timetable for when prices go back up. That’s right in line with the Agenda 2030 documents signed n New York in September; 2030 is fourteen years away. We’d better get busy.

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