Barack Can’t Be Happy After What Sasha’s Caught Doing To White Stranger In Chicago

Sasha’s As Bad As Malia After What Pics Caught Her Publicly Doing To Stranger In Chicago
Malia Obama (left & right), Sasha Obama and Matt Metzler (center) (Photo Source: YouTube, Olisa TV, ConservativeFighters)

Most of the country is aware that Malia Obama isn’t living the most decent life as she’s been seen frequently partying, drinking, and doing drugs. When your parents are Barack and Michelle Obama, it’s to be expected. However, it seems that Sasha has decided to follow her sister’s lead after what pictures just caught her doing with a white stranger in Chicago.

For those unaware, quite a few people spent the past 4 days partying it up at Lollapalooza, a music festival showing several concerts at once, in Chicago, Illinois. Of course, along with the song and dance crowd, the event is typically known for the boozing and drugs, but that’s not all.

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As is usually the case in situations with a younger, more hormonal, crowd, sexual activity is rampant, with people having sex with anyone they want simply because they’ll be headed back home in a few days. Of course, what this means is enough hookups and one-night-stands that would make the average American’s head spin.

Despite this reality, it seems that the Obama girls decided to head down there to have a little fun. Of course, that’s not all they were there for as Mad World News previously reported that Malia Obama was caught on video dancing erratically, likely intoxicated and maybe even high on drugs.

Whatever the case may be, that’s apparently not the only shame that has been brought to the Obama family name as Sasha has most recently stepped into the spotlight. As it turns out, a few pictures caught what she was doing to a stranger in public.

Sasha’s As Bad As Malia After What Pics Caught Her Publicly Doing To Stranger In Chicago
Sasha Obama and Matt Metzler (Photo Source: Olisa TV)

According to Olisa TV, onlookers snapped a few pictures of Sasha Obama getting “touchy-feely” and even making out with a “white stranger” she had allegedly just met at the festival. Come to find out, the boy’s name is Matt Metzler, and he has a controversial reputation online pertaining to his actions around women, Celebrity Insider reports.

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Unfortunately for Sasha, it seems that she didn’t exactly know what she was getting into as the images immediately went viral after they hit SnapChat, a picture-sharing form of social media. However, the worst part came as the caption on one of the pictures simply read, “Matt gonna get Sasha Obama,” and I think we all know what that means.

For those who don’t, it looks like Matt’s intentions weren’t exactly pure as he likely wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. Although there’s no way of knowing how far things went between the two, people all across the internet have pretty much said how extremely inappropriate her actions were.

In the end, you need to have some self-respect and morals when you’re given the chance to make your own decisions – and kissing someone you just met doesn’t exactly make a smart choice. Beyond that, Sasha needs to be doubly smart as there are tons of guys out there who want to make out or have sex with her for nothing more than bragging rights, which seems to be the case with Matt here.

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Unfortunately, this girl wasn’t exactly taught how to properly behave in public since we all know who her parents are. For the past 8 years, America looked on as Barack and Michelle Obama pretty much told everyone to do what they want because they were entitled to do so without fear of consequences. It really comes as no shock that their daughters are now publicly embarrassing themselves, considering who raised them.