Global Warming Alarmist Streisand Flew Dogs 10K Miles To Watch Her Sing, Regrets It

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Barbra Streisand, who is fanatical about global warming in the Trump-era, cared nothing about her carbon footprint and reportedly flew her three dogs around the world to watch her sing in London this week. Streisand just called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office over her global warming fears. Well, it’s clearly all hot air, and immediately she was made to regret it. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump and Barbra Streisand (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Gail Oskin/Getty Images)

Actress-singer and atmospheric science expert Barbra Streisand declared last Monday that President Donald Trump should be the first “climate denier” removed from office.

“Last week it was 114 in Paris and Guadalajara was buried in 3 feet of ice from a hailstorm,” Barbra Streisand said in a tweet, linking to a Washington Post article about the hail storm that left the Mexican city of Guadalajara under several feet of snow over the weekend. “Climate change is here now and it is time for voters to remove the climate deniers from office. Starting with Trump.”

However, the article in WaPo noted that Guadalajara’s elevated location made it ripe for such a storm: “Guadalajara sits near the mountains at an elevation over 5,000 feet, this distance is reduced and hail is more common.” So much for global warming.

Well, that was last week. This week Babs is flying her three dogs 10,000 miles on a private jet just so they could “hear her sing” in London.

“She took her three Coton de Tuléar pooches — Miss Scarlet, Miss Violet and Fanny — on a 10,000-mile roundtrip flight to watch her perform at London’s British Summer Time concert on Sunday,” Page Six reports.

Indeed Streisand’s 10,000-mile jaunts on carbon-pumping private jets only arm her critics with proof that her global warming alarmism is nothing more than a bunch of bullcrap. And the Grammy-winning singer’s social media is a near-constant stream of climate change doom-mongering.

“Bringing some visitors to the show…” Barbra Streisand wrote in an Instagram post, which included a video of the pups (two of the Coton du Tulears are clones) and her entourage traveling in London.

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Bringing some visitors to the show… 🐾🎶

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Americans found Barbra’s private jet ride for her dogs a tad bit hypocritical and made sure the Trump-hating global warming nut knows it. 

“@BarbraStreisand typical liberal hypocrites say one thing while enslaving others. Do as I say, not as I do,” tweeted Twitter user “Courage.”

“But you took your dogs on a round trip to London? I supposed you flew them on the jet with you! Along with someone to Handle them? How are you helping? And riding around London in an SUV or limo? I know it was electric right? Right? SMDH! And you preach global warming?” tweeted “Brian D.”

“It only shows that she’s absolutely crazy. She will cry about the environment and use as much carbon footprint as I will all year to fly animals, who have no idea what is going on & don’t care about anything besides getting fed. Ms dumass,” tweeted Twitter user “Dande.”

“And they expect us to take them seriously when they bespell upon their wisdom on climate change?” tweeted “Wild Dog Computers.”

The truth is global warming is only a big deal with the rich and elite leftists, and the millennial crowd who are too stupid to know any better.

“There is not now, nor has there ever been, any scientific evidence proving mankind has affected the climate on a global scale. Our media and ‘scientific community’ tell us otherwise,” said Heartland Institute Science Director Jay Lehr.

“But here’s the truth: The hypothesis of man-caused global warming is based almost entirely on computer modeling that are, quite simply, a bad scientific joke,” Lehr added. “However, that has not stopped politicians from pouring hundreds of millions in taxpayer-funded grants to unethical scientists to keep the scam going. The result is continued impoverishment of the poor, a declining standard of living for the middle class, and greater empowerment of the ruling class.”

Global warming is a huge scam. It’s a way for dirty politicians to make a quick buck while creating an entire industry around junk science. If the Democrats ever regain total control of Congress and the White House they would undoubtedly tax us to death all in the name of global warming.

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