Bartender Left Floored By What Bold Man Wrote At The Bottom Of His Receipt

A bartender at Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina was simply doing her job when she began talking to a man who was waiting for his flight. However, when it was time for him to board the plane, she was left utterly floored by what the bold man had written at the bottom of his receipt.

Ebonii Green, a bartender, recently spent a few hours talking to one customer who had been waiting for his delayed flight. Although they had spoken about many things, nothing prepared her for what he would leave written on his receipt after he left – and it is something that many people would never say or do.

Bartender Left Floored By What Bold Man Wrote At The Bottom Of His Receipt
Ebonii Green (Source: Daily Mail)

A few days before Christmas, Ebonii and her two-year-old daughter had been robbed, and along with many other items, her laptop had gotten stolen. As a college student, she depends on her computer to not only prepare for class but to read her textbooks, as they are mostly all online. However, she will never forget how this one man responded to her story, as it still gives her chills to this day.

“I laughingly told (him)….how my laptop was stolen the week before Christmas. And how ironically, today I found out all of my textbooks for school are online,” Ebonii explained, according to Daily Mail. “He asked what I was going to do, and I said I’d make it work until I bought a new one. And left it at that.”

Bartender Left Floored By What Bold Man Wrote At The Bottom Of His Receipt
The receipt (Source: WLTX)

Nearly an hour after she had jokingly told the man about the robbery, he had to leave to board his flight. “He handed me the closed checkbook. I told him to have a safe flight to Guam and he simply told me good luck with school.”

However, when she opened up the book she couldn’t believe what she saw — the man had left her a $300 tip and written, “Enjoy the laptop! Hope it helps with school!” Ebonii recalled shaking and trying not to cry at the man’s kind gesture. She hopes she will be able to find him and thank him for what he did for her.

There’s no doubt that God had a hand in what happened at the airport that day. Clearly, Ebonii had prayed for a solution to her stolen laptop problem and God sent the right person to cross her path and bless her in a way the average customer doesn’t usually do.

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