After Bashing Trump At Emmys, Smug Liberal Celebrities Just Got Perfectly Terrible News

During the 2017 Emmy Awards show, rich liberal celebrities spent much of the 4-hour ceremony bashing President Donald Trump and his supporters. However, just as the privileged Hollywood elite headed to lavish parties celebrating their success, several smug liberal actors received hilariously terrible news.

After Bashing Trump At Emmys, Smug Liberal Celebrities Just Got Perfectly Terrible News
After using the 2017 Emmy Awards ceremony as a political platform to bash President Donald Trump, the liberal celebrities involved just got the worst news of the night. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube, The White House/Flickr)

Thanks to the leftist control of Hollywood, few conservatives are able to make it on the big screen, regardless of talent and popular demand. In fact, despite the movie and television industry watching their liberal-themed creations repeatedly flop, they continue to produce box office busts and block shows with any hint of positive conservative subject matter. Unfortunately, consistent failure just doesn’t seem to stop these liberal celebs from circling the drain as we once again learned from last night’s presidential roast at the Emmys.

Shortly after liberal celebrities, including Alec Baldwin, Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jane Fonda, and countless others, joined voices in bashing President Trump at the 69th annual Emmy Awards, they received word that their Emmys ratings have once again plummeted following an all-time low in 2016. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that just 11.4 million viewers tuned in at any given time during Sunday night’s airing, which is just barely over last year’s 11.3 million record low, suggesting that Americans are abandoning Hollywood because of its far-left leaning.

Adjustments confirmed that the key demographic of adults aged 18 to 49 had slipped a whopping 10 percent, bottoming out at a 2.5 rating. However, Emmy viewership has been steadily declining in recent years as actors become more comfortable voicing their political opinions, which are nearly always liberal. In fact, 2015 and 2016 saw new lows for the awards ceremony, despite its tendency to be a stronger contender for views than competitors like the Academy Awards and Grammys.

“The Emmys are a Hollywood bubble show,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News. “Actors and directors get to pretend they are important because they are doing such insightful takes on life in America, when they have zero idea what life in America is for the other 330 million people.”

Still, Gainor doesn’t believe that Hollywood will learn its lesson anytime soon, despite consistently dropping support.

“Hollywood won’t walk away from politics. The left wants to force politics into every single aspect of our lives — from sports to movies to the food we eat. They won’t be satisfied until we are all appropriately woke to their struggles du jour,” Gainor told Fox News. “The Emmys celebrate shows that almost no one either watches or cares about,” he said. “No ordinary Americans care about ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ No ordinary Americans watch ‘Veep.’ The only show the Emmys were honoring that most people even recognize was ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

Pathetically, the NY Daily News and other left-leaning media attempted to blame the paltry viewership on the fact that 6 of the 56 Nielsen household metered markets are located in Florida, alleging that Hurricane Irma could account for such low ratings. Of course, this was disproven when the numbers finally rolled in, showing that the Emmys is once again struggling to stay afloat.

The 2016 Emmys racked up the lowest number of viewers as many avoided watching late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel present the event. As expected, Kimmel led numerous celebs in Trump-bashing, ignorantly excluding much of their U.S. audience. Still, Kimmel racked up an 8.4 rating, which is similarly low.

Hollywood’s elite continues to shoot themselves in the foot while believing that they’ve just hurt Trump and his supporters. However, this incessant whining and mockery only further fuel Trump and any conservative politician’s campaign. These privileged, out-of-touch liberals are the reason that Trump won the presidency, and their smug political tirades and hypocritical virtue-signaling could be enough reason for his re-election.

Liberal celebrities simply can’t figure out why no one wants to tune in to watch them mock average Americans and their values while egotistically patting themselves on the back. Sadly, these self-absorbed professional pretenders will continue churning out performances that flop until they learn to shut their mouths and do what they’re paid to do — entertain us, not themselves.

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