Basket Full Of Soldiers Left On Table With Sign That Left People In Shock

Basket Full Of Soldiers Left On Table With Sign That Left People In Shock

In Pennsylvania, a hungry customer ran into her local Chick-fil-A and was about to order, when a box on a side table caught her eye. As she approached the out of place basket, she was shocked at what was inside and called for a manager. Soon, everyone in the restaurant had all eyes on what the sign said.

The Philadelphia franchise location at Whitman Square is at the center of attention after a photo of what was in their restaurant surfaced online. A basket with heaps of toy soldiers inside it was sitting alone on a side table, with a sign explaining what it’s for. It’s struck a nerve with many across the country this Memorial Day weekend.

While people are planning their barbecues and kicking off the summer season, this particular Chick-fil-A wants customers to not just remember the reason for the three-day weekend, but also do something a little more that’s never been seen before. The sign stuck in the box with the soldiers says exactly what makes this company so great, despite the fact that it angered almost as many people as it impressed.

In an innovative approach to paying respect to our fallen soldiers, as well as those currently serving our country, the Whitman Square location invites diners to help themselves to one of the toy soldiers to take home for a special purpose. “Please take a soldier home and place it somewhere that will remind you to pray for those who serve our country,” the chalkboard sign in the basket says.

Woman Walks Into Restaurant, Floored By What's In Box Left On Side Table
Soldier basket seen at Chick-Fil-A Whitman Square in PA

The restaurant’s Facebook post further expounds on this incredible idea saying, “With summer weather rolling around, it’s easy to lose focus of the true meaning of the Memorial Day Holiday – to commemorate those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedoms.” The page then encourages others to take the time in thought and prayer for those who paid that price, along with fighters in active duty and those retired.

The idea was well accepted by the chicken-lovers in Philadelphia, as the restaurant posted a picture of the almost empty basket just hours after putting it out. However, as much as people appreciated it and were happy to pray and pay respects, the Internet trolls came out in droves over the post to spread their hate for the company, proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

Woman Walks Into Restaurant, Floored By What's In Box Left On Side Table
Photo the restaurant posted of the almost empty basket. Many soldiers are being prayed for because of them.

Chick-fil-a has made their stance on many social issues clear in the last several years, staying true to their Christian values and not feeling that they need to apologize for it. Management of this location was unwavering on that position in the face of hate spewed by detractors on their now viral post of the prayer basket. Liberals wanted to take away the positive message of this move and make a political point out it, that Chick-fil-A is anti-LGBT.

Always keeping it classy, the management responded to the vile remarks by inviting each hater individually by name, to come to their restaurant and see for themselves that they are loved and accepted at Chick-fil-A. That’s the Christian difference, that even if they disagree with a person and their lifestyle choices, they will still treat them with kindness.

Bravo to this chain for showing America once again how incredible they are. They don’t just say that they respect men and women in uniform and are grateful for their service, they think outside the box to truly show that’s the case. Our country needs more companies like this.