Guy Said He Has To Use Bathroom, Stops With Surprising Request For Worker

Guy Said He Has To Use Bathroom, Stops With Surprising Request For Worker
Chick-fil-A restaurant

A couple was out for a quick bite to eat at Chick-fil-A, when in the middle of their meal, the woman’s “man” said he had to use the bathroom. She didn’t think much of his sudden departure, until he stopped short of the restroom and she heard him talking to a worker about a surprising request.

Only identified as V. Lang, the poster described on Facebook that she and her man, Donald, were eating when he became distracted and got up to leave. All he said was that he was going to the bathroom, but he went the wrong direction. Instead, she watched as Donald stopped at a booth where a stranger was sitting alone, and he struck up a conversation that caught Lang off guard.

Noticing that there was nothing on the stranger’s table, she heard Donald ask the man, “You hungry buddy?” The guy’s reply was a complete surprise. Without hesitation or embarrassment, the stranger said with a sigh of relief, “You have no idea.” That’s when Donald made his stunning move as Lang watched and snuck her camera out.

It was as if a light turned on in this man’s eyes, when he looked up at Donald who took the time to talk to him. Beaming a big smile, Donald says to the hungry man, “C’mon, I got you.” The two of them headed toward the counter, where Donald asked the employee to get anything for his new friend that he wanted. As they waited for the order, Lang listened to their conversation and couldn’t believe what she heard.

Guy Said He Has To Use Bathroom, Stops With Surprising Request For Worker
V. Lang’s photo of Donald (in the blue shirt), His homeless friend (plaid shirt)

The two carried on talking about everything under the sun, as if they were long-time acquaintances, and it wasn’t just Lang who noticed. “They have NO IDEA while their in conversation talking like old friends everyone is staring, in awe, even some kids, making them all think,” the touched girlfriend of this incredibly thoughtful man wrote.

The woman explained how impressed she was, not just for what he did for this guy, but for what he said about it later — nothing. After getting the guy his food and helping him back to his seat, Donald sat back down with his girl and launched right back into conversation about other things, where he left off before his random act of kindness.

It’s fair to say that Donald is a keeper, and Lang feels pretty lucky to be his partner. He set an incredible example for everyone in the eatery that night, most importantly, for the kids who watched and learned what a real man is like.

We can all do a little something for a stranger, if we just think to ask or act. The simple gesture may have been the boost this man needed to get him through his struggles, encouraged by the good that still exists in this world.

h/t: [LoveWhatMatters]