“Bathroom Sign” Pops Up On College Campus, Onlookers Furious When They See The Problem

College is a time for students to prepare for the future and learn who they are. However, one college in Massachusetts may have taken things a bit too far when a controversial “bathroom sign” popped up on campus, and onlookers have been left furious as soon as they saw the problem.

"Bathroom Sign" Pops Up On College Campus, Onlookers Furious When They See The Problem
Hampshire College (left), the bathroom sign (right), Kassy Dillon (inset) (Photo Credit: photographer contracted by Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts/Wikimedia Commons, Kassy Dillon/Twitter)

Many left-leaning establishments have attempted to provide a more gender-accommodating bathroom for transgender individuals, even though only a very small amount of people are actually affected by gender issues. Regardless, a new bathroom sign has popped up at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and it further proves that the transgender bathroom debate isn’t over. When onlookers spotted what it was, they immediately became furious to see the problem.

Kassy Dillion is the founder of Lone Conservative, a group blog that gives a voice to conservative college students. As a Massachusetts Campus Correspondent, who reports liberal bias and abuse on campus for Campus Reform, she spends a lot of her time discussing what she encounters as a conservative on campus.

Recently, she shared a photo on Twitter, showing another aspect of the never-ending transgender bathroom debate. When onlookers saw what the bathroom sign said, they were none too pleased with the new level of lunacy displayed.

Apparently, Hampshire College is still taking the bathroom debate rather seriously and had new, albeit highly controversial, signs installed. In fact, according to Twitchy, Kassy states that there are no men’s or women’s restrooms but rather “only restrooms ‘with urinals’ and ‘without.'”

These are Hampshire College’s restroom signs.

Instead of merely saying “men’s bathroom” or “women’s bathroom,” the college has provided co-ed, gender-neutral bathrooms, clearly labeled “with urinal” or “without urinal,” so that a gender confused individual can decide what’s best for them without the school running the risk of offending anyone. However, there’s one glaring problem with this new method of labeling bathrooms that has infuriated everyone with common sense who sees them – this style of bathroom is welcoming predators inside and allowing them to prey on innocent victims with ease.

Users immediately began to comment, clearly illustrating exactly how they felt. One user quickly addressed the problem that’s about to arise as a result of the “politically correct” bathroom signs, by saying, “In other news, sexual assaults in bathrooms at Hampshire College have increased by 300%. Not really, but I am interested to know if they’ve had more complaints as a result. This is a pervert/pedophile’s dream setup. In this case, I’m going to say common sense trumps PC nonsense.”

One user simply said, “So sick. This country was once a world leader,” as another added, “So a man can just follow a woman into whichever one she picks no questions asked. This is insane.”

Others decided to address the problem with a little bit of comedy. “I’m just going to pick the bathroom with the shortest line!” one person declared. However, several people saw exactly how “smart” liberals tend to be after they spotted yet another problem: “without” is misspelled. While it should be one word, the sign has it as two. Mind you, this is a place of higher education.

Someone needs to let these liberals in our education systems know that if they’re going to make a political statement by getting “gender neutral” signs made for their college campus bathrooms, the least they could do is make sure they spelled everything right. Otherwise, it’s going to be really hard for anyone to take them seriously, especially on a subject where science isn’t quite on their side already. If this isn’t proof that colleges need to spend a little less time on social justice causes and a little more time on actual learning, I don’t know what is.

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