Behar: Trump Should Be Brought Up on Charges of Hate Speech — She Gets Schooled

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Joy Behar is upset after President Donald Trump informed the nation about the anti-American and anti-Semitic Congresswomen, who also called themselves “the squad.” Behar claims the Americans who chanted “Send Her Back” at Trump’s rally is hate speech, and she’s wondering why the president can’t be criminally charged. Well, Behar just got schooled, making her look like an utter fool. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar (left) President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Thursday on ABC’s The View, the panel discussed President Donald Trump’s Wednesday night rally, in which the crowd chanted “send her back” after the president talked about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Co-host Joy Behar asked, “Why can’t he be brought up on charges of hate speech?”

She added, “Why can’t he be sued by the ACLU for hate speech? How does he get away with this?”

This is so ridiculous. It makes one pause to try and understand how Joy Behar is still employed on the ABC talk show which lauds itself as being named “The Most Important Political TV Show in America” by the New York Times. 

We all know America has a little thing called the First Amendment and freedom of speech, but Behar seems to have missed that tidbit in her 76-years in this country.

Americans couldn’t resist making a fool out of Joy Behar. 

That’s like saying why can’t @joybehar be brought up on charges for being dumb and ignorant?” tweeted PolitixGal.

“If hate speech was a crime? Joy and her castmates woulda been in the gulag years ago. All they do is HATE,” tweeted Turkalicious aka Russian Guyovich.

“Joy Behar, clever use of the language but that will not cut it. Instead of asking the question why he cannot be brought up on charges of hate speech, answer our own question. Then you’ll realize we are a nation of laws and you’ll refrain, maybe, from asking stupid questions,” tweeted Ed Marek.

If The View is the most important political show according to the mainstream media, then that clears up why part of this country is brainwashed into believing all the lies about President Trump while they cheer the four horsewomen of the Apocolypse: AOC, Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley.

President Trump funded his own campaign. He could have taken money from the big PACs and lobbyists, but he vowed to not become beholden to anyone. He didn’t want to be held hostage by the swamp he is trying to clean up.

Americans should be very wary and take seriously these Congresswomen calling themselves “the squad.” 

AOC and her Green New Deal the Green New Deal is heavily financed by billionaire George Soros. She pretends she is in Congress to represent the “little people,” but her campaign was funded leftist lobbyists, labor unions, and special interests. She is owned by the left — lock, stock, and barrel.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is funded by Islamic extremists who hate America and Israel. Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is one of her top contributors. In addition, CAIR-CA’s executive director, Hussam Ayloush, who called for Israel’s “termination,” gave Ilhan Omar $1,200. A CAIR Florida employee gave Rep. Omar another $500.

However, Omar isn’t the “golden girl” who the Islamic extremists and Soros-backed super PACs are counting on. This is probably linked to the Minnesota Congresswoman’s baggage. Additional information just came out last night from reporter David Steinberg, and if true Omar could be facing serious prison time.

Steinberg appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last night and dropped a nuclear bomb on Omar. According to Steinberg, there is credible evidence that Ilhan Omar and her family changed their name to illegally enter the United States back in 1995.

And since that time, Ilhan Omar as an adult continued to defy US law. According to Steinberg Rep. Omar committed at least eight instances of perjury going back to 2009 including a sham marriage to her brother. The charges could carry up to 40 years of prison time or deportation.

This why Rashida Tlaib has been funded double or even triple the money from the radical Islamists. They must have been apprised of the issues with Omar and so they backed another radical — Rashida Tlaib.

“It is important to note that Tlaib almost certainly owes her victory to Islamist support. She had raised the most money in the 2018 Democratic primary by far — over $1.3 million — almost double the haul of her closest competitor,” reported the Daily Caller. “Tlaib won the primary by a mere 1 percent, and her massive fundraising advantage may well have been the margin of victory.”

Of course, Joy Behar is the one who is part of the “most important political show in America.” It’s scary to realize just how brainwashed and uninformed this woman truly is. Thank God we have dedicated conservative reporters who are out to discover the truth and back up President Trump. Every American must have all the information about the evil Democrats and their anti-American agenda.

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