Man Horrified By What’s Spotted Behind Truck Driving Around Kansas City

Man Horrified At What's Spotted Behind Truck Driving Around Kansas City
Lamond Rushing

Lamond Rushing was leaving his church on a chilly afternoon in Kansas City when a white pick-up truck crossed his path and caught his eye. Completely shocked by what he was seeing, he immediately got out his phone and used his camera to start recording, posting the footage live to social media. Now, he’s the one whose in the hot seat.

Temperatures were in the single digits this particular day after a big snowstorm had just hit the city and cars were carefully making their way around town in the icy conditions. It wasn’t until a white truck pulled out in front of Rushing when he saw what was attached to the back and couldn’t believe what the driver was parading around town, and neither could everyone else on the Internet, causing his shocking video to go viral.

Attached to the rear of the truck was an overweight woman in a wheelchair who had hitched a ride on this stranger’s vehicle. Rushing was horrified by the way this woman was being treated by the driver under any conditions since she’s handicapped, but especially on such a freezing day. Assuming this was some type of mistreatment or that the driver didn’t want to be bothered with putting the wheelchair-bound woman in his car, Rushing recorded as he shared the live footage to social media with a sentiment that reflected his shock.

Man Horrified At What's Spotted Behind Truck Driving Around Kansas City
Screenshots from shocking video

After the footage went viral, the woman in the video found out that she was Internet famous after her son saw it, much to his mother’s humiliation. She reached out to Rushing to let him know that the driver was actually a good Samaritan who was helping her out after she became stranded in the snow on her wheelchair, which decided to stop working. All she wanted to do was get home, and he got her there by towing her behind his truck.

Although it was an unusual approach, she safely got where she needed to be and was thankful for the gesture. However, now she’s upset by how it was portrayed. Rushing had no way of knowing what the situation entailed since it’s not the first thing anyone would have guessed, but he is now facing backlash for it.

He wasn’t being malice in recording the scene; he was genuinely upset by it and concerned for this woman’s well-being, but people are questioning his motive in sharing it anyway. It just goes to show, you should ask questions or offer help before sharing your assumptions on social media.

h/t: [DailyMail]

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