Benghazi Plot Uncovered, Hillary Let 4 Americans Die For One SICK Reason

It’s been a long four years since the Benghazi attacks with so much speculation about the reasons the State Department left those Americans to die in Libya. With American troops on standby in Italy and Spain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to send help. Now, we’ve uncovered the smoking gun. The sick reason our fellow Americans died and Hillary’s shocking criminal behavior has finally been fully exposed.

Hillary Clinton (left), Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, Glen Dougherty, & Sean Smith (top right), Chris Stevens (bottom right)

With all the recent document dumps from Wikileaks, solid proof about what happened in Benghazi is coming to light. This information is something the mainstream media will hide because, if it was well publicized, Hillary’s campaign would be history.

As many suspected, it’s now been proven that Hillary was selling military weapons to arm the rebels in the region, and this went on for years.

To pursue her goal of a “democratic” government there, [Hillary] Clinton, along with [Barack] Obama and a dozen or so members of Congress from both houses and both political parties, decided she should break the law by permitting U.S. arms dealers to violate the U.N. arms embargo and arm Libyan rebels whom she hoped would one day run the new government. [via Freedom Outpost]

Benghazi survivor and hero Kris Paronto suspected this, although he never had proof that weapons were being trafficked through Benghazi. As revealed in the book and movie 13 Hours, CIA agents were meeting with various Middle Eastern operatives, negotiating an arms deal.

Piecing together events from lost Hillary emails from 2011, we now know the illegal arms deal was accomplished by going through back channels. Since it is a felony to arm America’s enemies – in this case, al-Qaeda operatives – the plan was to sell the arms to our allies, Egypt and Qatar.

From the diary of Charles Woods, Ty Wood’s dad, says Hillary vowed to get the “film maker” who was responsible.

From there, Eygpt and Qatar would get the weapons to al-Qaeda. Arming the rebels, who were al-Queda terrorists, was Hillary’s plan to take out Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria. Ambassador Chris Stevens received emails from Marc Turi, the arms dealer hired by Hillary and the State Department.

Turi provided Fox News with emails he exchanged – in early April 2011 – with Chris Stevens to alert him  to the proposed weapons deal. … Stevens replied with a “thank you” and wrote “I’ll keep it in mind and share it with my colleagues in Washington.” [via Fox News]

One day after that email between Stevens and Turi, Hillary was interested in arming the rebels using contractors. This was confirmed in Hillary’s lost emails, where she wrote, “FYI. The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered.” The opposition is the rebels, and the rebels are terrorists, so this is a felony because it’s arming our enemies.

Marc Turi is the smoking gun, along with the lies Hillary told the Benghazi commission, which have now been exposed in her emails. Another key player is CIA agent David Manners, who was the go-between for Hillary and Turi. Manners testified that Hillary got the government to cover for her:

Manners said his grand jury testimony on covert arms transfers was cut off by the government lawyer [Hillary’s henchman]. “As a result of the Assistant United States Attorney’s actions, I believe that (a) the grand jury never received a full and complete picture of authorized covert arms transfers and their relevance to the present case.” [via Fox Business]

Hillary needed a scapegoat after the Benghazi attacks, and arms dealer Marc Turi’s head was the first to roll. His house was raided by Homeland Security, wearing black body armor and carry machine guns, he said. At that point, Turi went on the run, knowing his life was in danger.

Marc Turi, Hillary’s secret arms dealer

In a series of emails, his attorney, Jean-Jacques Cabou, told Fox that his client had worked for the “US government through the Central Intelligence Agency” and the government case was an “epic fishing expedition,” adding that his client “neither lied on any application nor did he do anything other than support U.S. foreign policy and interests in the Middle East.” Turi remains in an undisclosed location, knowing he is the scapegoat.

At some point, I may be that internet video excuse,” Turi said, referring to statements where then Secretary of Clinton and members of the Obama Administration wrongly blamed an obscure anti-Islam video for the 2012 terrorist attack that killed four Americans.

There is now a paper trail that leads back to Hillary Clinton, implicating her as the mastermind and highest official that knew about the illegal arms deals that were being funneled through Benghazi.

Hillary and Obama could not risk having the deal discovered by American military troops during a rescue attempt in Benghazi, and that’s why help never came. In fact, Hillary had her aides destroy any hard copies of documents that would implicate her in the Benghazi arms deal. What she could not destroy were the emails, and now, she waits for the other shoe to drop from Wikileaks, who has all of her “missing emails.”

We now know that Hillary left those Americans to die to cover her ass over an illegal deal, where she armed terrorists. It’s very probable the weapons used in Benghazi were actually the arms Hillary sold, and American made arms killed our own men.

All of this death and destruction was over Hillary’s ambition to be president one day. Americans will never forgive or forget, and we must do all we can to see that this criminal never becomes the leader of the free world.

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