As Berkeley Thugs Beat Trump Supporters, Crowd Saw Sick Thing Lib Cops Did

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As Berkeley Thugs Beat Trump Supporters, Crowd Saw Sick Thing Lib Cops Did
As Trump supporters were being beaten during Berkeley protests (center), nearby police officers (left & right) had a sickening response. (Photo source: Twitter, BuzzFeed)

As the Berkeley University protests escalate to violence, crowds of intolerant liberals began brutally beating President Donald Trump supporters in broad daylight. However, as soon as bystanders began looking for police officers to help the conservative assault victims, what they recorded liberal law enforcement doing was absolutely disgusting.

It’s no secret that the liberal bias in the education system is breeding future generations of ultra-sensitive fascists hell-bent on eradicating freedom of speech. Still, it’s disconcerting to see this political partiality infecting the very justice system that conservative Americans defend from anti-law enforcement leftists. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what bystanders witnessed when liberal protests at Berkeley turned violent against their right-wing peers.

Over the weekend, every major news outlet was covering the riots taking place on the Berkeley campus. However, what these mainstream media sources conveniently overlooked was the unsettling response of the local law enforcement officers at the behest of their superiors.

A collection of tweets compiled by The American Mirror revealed eyewitness accounts of police officers not only backing down from intervening as liberal protesters viciously assaulted Trump supporters but shunning those who attempted to file complaints of physical violence.

Twitter user Shane Bauer uploaded footage of himself asking police why they are not acting while some of the protesters are brutally beaten. After repeatedly demanding answers, one officer retorts, “I’m not at liberty to discuss my tactics,” while another dismisses Bauer, telling him to ask “the chief of police.” The most disturbing moment is heard when an officer, whose nametag reads “Shannon,” callously answers Bauer’s concerns for people being beaten with “Mhmm. Okay, and?”

Despite brawls repeatedly breaking out in plain sight, police are nowhere to be seen in the protest footage, which corroborates the witnesses’ accounts, according to The Blaze.

Several other eyewitnesses confirmed the lack of police, with some even reporting that the few officers within the vicinity “ran away” as blood spilled onto the streets.

Bauer, who actually writes for a liberal news outlet, was too disturbed by the blatant inactivity of law enforcement that he abandoned his political bias for the sake of human decency — a rare occurrence in the left. Still, his questions to police were met with the same indifference.

At one point, Bauer explains that he witnessed several disguised Antifa protesters jump a Trump supporter, raining down a hail of punches, kicks, and even a skateboard on the helpless man.

“Numerous videos show Trump supporters being beaten in the streets as police failed to keep the two sides apart,” Bauer said. “At one point, several black-clad agitators isolated a lone Trump supporter and pummeled him with fists and feet. Someone jumped in and clubbed him with a skateboard.”

As Berkeley Thugs Beat Trump Supporters, Crowd Saw Sick Thing Lib Cops Did
Several Trump supporters (pictured) were bloodied by self-proclaimed anti-fascists over the weekend. (Photo source: BuzzFeed)

BuzzFeed reports that an estimated 300 people clashed at the protests but only 21 were arrested. The outlet published several photos of bloodied Trump supporters who had unfortunately been targeted by ironically self-described anti-fascists.

Sickeningly, a law enforcement spokesperson trivialized the attacks, calling them “skirmishes.” He added that most of the police department was present at the time of the riots but failed to explain why these officers were nowhere to be seen while protesters were being beaten.

“There have been a couple of skirmishes, clashes, fights between people,” Berkeley Police Officer Byron White said, adding that demonstrators had thrown fireworks and released gas. “The City of Berkeley Police Department is a small to medium-size department,” he said. “Our police department total is 176. I can tell you most of that 176 is here today.”

It’s evident that these officers are getting orders from higher up to allow this violence to continue instead of doing their jobs. However, it’s disturbing to see our law enforcement officials willingly obey these commands instead of protecting and serving as they’ve sworn to do.

Thanks to liberalism, lawlessness is running amok and the freedom of expression is punished when it doesn’t fit their political agenda. Ironically, the ones calling themselves anti-fascists are using violence to impose their beliefs on others while labeling those they beat into submission neo-Nazis.

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