Bernie Sanders Blames White People For Candidates Losing In Florida & Georgia

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Whenever a Democrat loses an election, it’s never because he or she was a whacked-out liberal with crazy ideas outside of the mainstream; there’s always an excuse. Just look at everything Hillary Clinton blames for her 2016 presidential election catastrophe. It appears Bernie Sanders is the latest to take a page from that playbook, saying racism led to recent Democrat candidate losses.

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In Tuesday’s midterms, black candidates Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia were defeated because those are red states and the candidates are blue progressive loonies. Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, however, sees a much more sinister reason for their losses: Racism. It’s always fun when the whitest guy in recorded history tries to race-hustle, isn’t it?

Sanders did an interview with The Daily Beast and had a few thoughts on the midterm elections. In regards to Gillum’s loss to Ron DeSantis for Florida governor and Abrams’ loss to Brian Kemp for Georgia governor, the wealthy socialist dealt from the bottom of the deck and threw the race card on the table.

“I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American,” Sanders said.

It’s not a stretch to read that as Sanders saying the white voters of Florida and Georgia were just too damn racist to vote for black candidates. In fact, The Daily Beast understood Sanders’ statement as just that, reporting, “But for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) the explanation was simple. The candidates who underperformed weren’t progressive enough; those who didn’t shy away from progressivism were undone, in part, by ‘racist’ attacks.”

Liberals consider themselves to be pro-science, so Sanders’ theory on white racist voters deserves a little scientific scrutiny. Republican Senator Tim Scott is black and was elected to office twice in South Carolina, by a number of mostly white voters. Black voters? Not so much. In fact, there are currently 46 black US Reps and 3 black US Senators serving, so it’s safe to say there are plenty of white voters comfortable enough to cast a ballot for a black candidate.

Sanders, however, is saying that white voters in Florida and Georgia are too racist to vote for blacks, so it’s important to look at those states specifically. Alan West is black and served in the US House of Representatives from 2011-2013. West represented the 23rd Congressional district of Florida, the same state in which Sanders claims voters are uncomfortable voting for black candidates.

Florida also has several black members of Congress: Alan Lawson, Val Demings, Alcee Hastings, and cowgirl Frederica Wilson. Plus, didn’t black guy Barack Obama win Florida in both of his presidential campaigns?

Georgia currently has 4 black members of Congress: Sanford Bishop, Hank Johnson, John Lewis, and David Scott. Also, didn’t black guy Barack Obama win Georgia in the 2008 presidential election?

Clearly, the white people of Florida and Georgia aren’t uncomfortable voting for black candidates and that is backed up by hard science. Bernie Sanders’ theory is pure bunk, which is not surprising because, in addition to being a socialist kook, he’s also a regular kook. This is no joke, Sanders once theorized that orgasms can cure cervical cancer.

A more plausible theory as to why Gillum and Abrams lost is because they are both hard-left Democrats who ran in primarily conservative Republican states. But, simple demographics aren’t quite as sexy as racism, and the left has a hard time stoking outrage with the reality of things.

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