Woman Leaves In Shock After What She Sees Beside Resting Homeless Man

Woman Takes Off In Shock After What She Sees Beside Resting Homeless Man
Amber Kelley (left), Homeless man she saw in Bradenton, Florida

A Florida woman was in a hurry to get to where she needed to go, but she was stopped in her tracks as she passed by a homeless man hunched over in the center median. While this man has made this his somewhat regular spot to pop a squat, this particular day was different, when the woman saw what was right beside him.

Sitting there in front of a tree and taking a rest from his tireless travels, this very weathered man had his heavy pack out in front of him and a special friend beside him. Not far from the Chick-fil-A in Bradenton, an employee from the restaurant had taken time out of his day to spend it with this man, who the world has forgotten.

Amber Kelley posted the story to Facebook with a picture she snapped of the touching scene, explaining that the two appeared to be sharing a meal and a deep conversation. The worker was sitting with this guy as though they were the same, because ultimately he saw that are. They are both humans with thoughts and stories to share.

Woman Takes Off In Shock After What She Sees Beside Resting Homeless Man
Photo Kelley snapped of the touching scene

Impressed by this young man’s thoughtfulness, Kelley wished she could have stopped to shake his hand, but she got caught up in traffic.The overwhelming feeling of appreciation, for what this stranger did for a vagrant, deeply moved her. This employee was probably the first person the homeless man has spoken to in a long time, simply because nobody before him bothered to take interest and see who he was inside, despite his rough exterior.

“I hope you two had an amazing exchange of words that neither one of you will forget,” Kelley addressed in an open statement on Facebook to the sweet Chik-fil-A employee who treated this homeless man as the most important person this day. “Just a few raw moments of human beings being kind to one another and reaching out to do something completely selfless is what this world needs.”

One of the greatest gifts you can give a person is your time and a listening ear. That’s exactly what this worker did. His compassion didn’t cost him a thing, but it was invaluable to the man who probably feels anonymous and unloved in life. So many others who are this employee’s age are thinking about themselves and looking for what people can do for them, but this boy has found how to truly win in life, by turning the attention on what he can do for other people.

h/t: [LoveWhatMatters]