Bette Midler Joins ‘Sex Strike’ to Protest Georgia ‘Heartbeat’ Laws, Regrets It

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Bette Midler is joining a “sex strike” to protest the new “heartbeat” law passed in the state of Georgia. Yes, that’s right, the 73-year-old Trump hater called on all the women in Georgia to join her and “stop having sex with men,” hoping this would upset the lawmakers. Many Hollywood starlets are taking the vow to refrain from sex with men. Well, immediately, the aging actress was made to regret it. You’ll love this.

Bette Midler (Photo Credit: Rebecca Smeyne/Getty Images)

Left-wing actress and singer Bette Midler called on Georgia’s women to “stop having sex with men” in response to the Peach State’s passage of a “Heartbeat” bill that bans most abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

“I hope the #women of Georgia stop having sex with men until these indignities are overturned,” Bette Midler said.

The law, dubbed the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act (HB 481), prohibits abortions in the state after a heartbeat is detected, usually at about six weeks of pregnancy. Cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger are exceptions to the law.

Midler’s opposition to Georgia’s “heartbeat” law joins other Hollywood-based political reactions, including three film companies pledging to boycott Georgia as long as the law remains on the books. David Simon’s Blown Deadline Productions, Killer Films CEO Christine Vachon, and Mark Duplass have vowed to boycott the state.

In 2018, Midler fantasized about President Donald Trump and his family being hanged “good and high” in a tweet celebrating the Robert Mueller-led operation. “Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump And here is why Trump Trump Trump He’s gonna hang you Hang the fam’ly GOOD AND HIGH!” she wrote.

And other Hollywood Trump-haters are joining in this “sex strike” like Alyssa Milano, who Midler echoed. Milano called for women to abstain from sex with men via a “sex strike,” claiming, “Our reproductive rights are being erased.”

Thus far, only a handful of film producers have said they will pull out of the state, though more than 100 of Milano’s industry supporters signed her boycott letter launched in March as a failed threat to prevent Kemp from signing the legislation into law.

“Should people wait to boycott? No,” Milano instructed, according to The Wrap. “Should we keep funding states that put forth hurtful policy? No. If you are offered a project that shoots in Georgia or are a producer considering working in Georgia or any state with a heartbeat bill, you should not take that job and you should be vocal about why you’re not taking that job.”

Well, not only this entire idea of a “sex strike” idiotic, many Americans weighed in and made these Hollywood leftists regret it.

“That is something the radical leftists don’t need to worry about. An angry hateful heart isn’t very attractive to most men and conservative women are much happier and more attractive anyway,” said Twitter user “Harley Rider.”

“Thank God she went on strike. Now let’s add to the strike force, Cher, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kathy Griffin, etc.,” tweeted Rod Farva.

“No problem for #BetteMiddler to join here. No man has been interested in her for a long time anyway!” tweeted Rico Barberis.

Film producers J.J. Abrams of Bad Robot and Jordan Peele of Monkeypaw Productions will begin filming their new show, Lovecraft Country, in Georgia, but in a joint statement said they “stand with Stacey Abrams and the hardworking people of Georgia, and will donate 100 percent of our respective episodic fees for this season to two organizations leading the charge against this draconian law: the ACLU of Georgia and Fair Fight Georgia.”

The good people of Georgia don’t care one bit if these leftists from Tinsel Town conjure up ridiculous protests like this “sex strike.” The optics of this strike are so laughable considering you have 73-year-old Midler threatening to refrain from sex and pleading with the very conservative state of Georgia to follow suit. Bette Midler promoting a sex strike is such a joke considering conservative Americans have been advocating for the Hollywood crowd to refrain from using sex as a tool in their films for years.

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