Man Attacked For HARSH Words To Beyoncé, Has Blunt Message For His Haters

Johnathan Gentry had a brutally honest response to Beyoncé’s racist Super Bowl Halftime Show, but now he has a new message in response to his “haters” after he received unrelenting criticism because he stood up for what’s right.

Gentry had some rather intense and harsh words for Beyoncé after he watched her performance during Super Bowl 50. It was loaded with racism, divisiveness, and a double standard, which Gentry rightfully pointed out.

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Gentry’s new talks about God speaking the truth, so he will continue to speak the truth and doesn’t want race to be a dividing factor in America. He also asks the “haters” to “do what they know how to do.” Then, he states that he was told he “hates his race” and that he’s an “Uncle Tom” because of his honest views.

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Have a blessed weekend, I been very busy, I love you all. Haters, You know what you can do. ????

Posted by Johnathan Gentry on Friday, February 12, 2016

As we argue about menial and ridiculous racial problems, Gentry tells it like it is.  He simply asks his followers to follow God and to stop being divisive. He also ends by saying he loves all of us; every single person.

While we argue about race, North Korea is learning to fire missiles. While we call this man names, Iran is trying to put together a weapon of mass destruction. While we divide, ISIS is uniting against us.

“Look at what we are arguing about, America,” Gentry said.

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Gentry’s words hit home because he is choosing unification over division. This man is far from the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons we come across in media on a regular basis. Gentry is a truth teller, and he seeks to share God’s world through honest conversation. For most people, the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.